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NEW: SecureAire’s ACS Slim Line Model for Rooftop HVAC Units Offers Simple Installation and Easy Filter Replacement.
The nation’s leading air purification company – SecureAire Technologies, LLC unveiled a new ACS Slim Line Air Purification System designed specifically for rooftop unit (RTU) HVAC systems.

The Slim Line offers a simple installation for RTUs and takes the place of 2” simple mechanical filters, allowing contractor service teams to convert any RTU with a 2” filter into a complete air purification system in minutes. The Slim Line system also provides operational cost savings due to its efficiency, extended filter life and reduced static pressure load on the RTU. Given the reduced static pressure characteristics of the Slim Line, paybacks of 12-24 months can be realized.

“We are thrilled to offer the ACS Slim Line with increased efficiency, simple install, and easy filter replacement,” said Frank Stamatatos, President of SecureAire. “Ultimately, the new Slim Line will allow more businesses and their customers to breathe the cleanest, safest air possible – thanks to the only scientifically proven, complete IAQ solution on the market today.”

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The Slim Line utilizes SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control™ technology, which is based on the same particle control technology used in semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms, some of the most rigorously clean environments on the planet. Unlike HEPA filters, ACTIVE Particle Control makes airflow the dominant transport mechanism by causing smaller particles to collide with one another and stay together, making them large enough to be moved to the filter by airflow alone. This advanced technology has been deployed in hospital operating rooms, greatly reducing infection; it is available to small businesses and commercial customers across the U.S.

Notably, ACTIVE Particle Control technology is the only air quality solution on the market today that has been tested in real world scientific studies. In fact, studies have shown that this cutting-edge technology can remove up to 99% of the most dangerous particles in the air, including viruses like COVID-19, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dissolved gasses, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, odors, smoke particles, diesel fumes, and jet fumes. Our technology achieves these air quality improvements without using chemical processes or generating harmful byproducts like ozone, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes “can be harmful to health.”

SecureAire is happy to provide the latest ACS Slim Line System to all markets where RTUs are prevalent in the heating and cooling of indoor spaces.

Download the ACS Slim Line Data Sheet

About SecureAire Technologies, LLC
SecureAire is the premier air purification company in the United States serving both the residential and commercial markets. SecureAire’s proprietary, cutting-edge ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology represents most valuable scientific progress in air filtration in decades. This technology has been proven to eliminate superfine contaminants in the air which traditional HEPA filters are unable to neutralize, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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