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Honeywell AQ475A Aquatrol Outdoor Temperature Compensator for Boilers.

Help Homeowners Lower Their Energy Cost By Up To 15%!*

 temperature compensator for boilers

With faster setup for contractors and increased energy efficiency for homeowners, the Honeywell Aquatrol Outdoor Temperature Control is a win-win for everyone. The AQ475 varies the boiler temperature by compensating for outdoor temperature changes, thus allowing the boiler to operate at a lower temperature in mild seasons. The result is energy savings up to15%for the homeowner.*And with its simple three-step setup and reliable service, the AQ475 is a time-saver for contractors.


The AQ475A Aquatrol Outdoor Temperature Compensator automatically regulates boiler water temperature to provide outdoor reset. The DHW Priority option operates the boiler at the Boiler Maximum Temperature setting to heat domestic hot water and can operate or shut down the system circulator. The boiler High Limit safety function must still be provided by the boiler manufacturer's high limit.



                     honeywell temperature compensator for boilers
*Savings can only be achieved assuming Domestic Hot Water Priority is off and the unit is installed as directed.

**Honeywell Inc. 1979 Study; Control Systems Providing Energy Savings with single and multizone Hydronic Heating.  15% is the average energy savings. 


The Aquatrol AQ475 Outdoor Temperature Compensator includes the following features and benefits:

  • Improves Performance —saves energy by operating your boiler at a lower temperature when conditions allow.

  • Warm Weather Shutdown — shuts the boiler off automatically during warmer periods.

  • Domestic Hot Water Priority — ensures an adequate supply of hot water, even for the last person in the shower.

  • Fewer Service Calls — the Aquatrol reduces system wear by operating your boiler more efficiently.

  • Automatic System Circulator Exercising — prevents the circulator from seizing up during the summer off cycle.



Download Literature:  AQ475 Aquatrol Sell Sheet  AQ475 Product Data Sheet

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