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  Metropac Industries
10 Annette Road Foxboro, MA 02035
Phone: 800-852-4328 Fax: 508-698-3121




F300 Whole-House
Electronic Air Cleaners


The Honeywell F300 Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner is the most advanced and easy-to use solution for improving your indoor air quality. When installed into your home’s heating and cooling system, an Electronic Air Cleaner traps and filters up to 99%* of airborne particles passing through the system to make sure cleaner air is distributed to all rooms in your home. It works by placing a charge on airborne particles and then collecting them like a magnet. Plus, Electronic Air Cleaners are low maintenance – simply wash the cells in your dishwasher or sink when needed. 

The F300 Electronic Air Cleaner is mounted in the return air duct of a forced air heating, cooling, or ventilating system. It captures a significant amount of the airborne particles 0.3 micron and larger from air circulated through it.


  • Media postfilters (optional) provide enhanced filtration.

  • Available in five sizes to fit most ducts; adapts to airflow from either side.

  • Capacity varies from 1000 cfm (2040 m3/hr) to 2000 cfm (3400 m3/hr), depending on size.

  • Solid state power supply is self-regulating and maintains peak efficiency during a wide range of cell dirt loading conditions.

  • Low pressure drop.

  • Optional W8600F Air Cleaner Monitor indicates air cleaner performance, reminds homeowner when filter and cell maintenance are due and when to check the system.

  • Optional wireless W8600A AIRWATCH. LCD indicator provides reminder when air cleaner electronic cells need washing, when media postfilters need replacing, when UV lamps need replacing and when humidifier pad needs replacing.

  • Galvanized cabinet protects against rust.

  • Neon light next to on-off switch tells if air cleaner is powered and if high voltage is present.

  • Prefilter screens protect cells from large dirt particles.

  • Test button checks system operation.


Helpful Reminder
The optional wireless
AirWatch™ system* reminds you when to wash your air cleaner.


   *sold separately


Three-Stage Filtration
Particles enter three layers
of filtering, with optional exclusive electrostatic postfilter.



Electronic Air Cleaner Sell Sheet       Electronic Air Cleaner Product Data


For more information contact Metropac. 

About Metropac. Metropac is an HVACR Master Distributor that sells exclusively to wholesalers, OEM’s, and manufacturers reps, throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. They offer same day shipping, no minimums, a technical sales staff, and real time web order entry. All UPS Next Day packages weighing 10lbs or less are one flat rate of $9.95. Visit their web site at www.metropac.com to see their complete product offering or call their sales department at 800-852-HEAT(4328).

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