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Beyond the Blueprint: Ferguson Supports
Tools & Tiaras in Championing Young Girls.
Transforming Perceptions and Empowering Girls to Build Their Futures One Tool at a Time.

In a world where the skilled trades gap remains a pressing issue, Ferguson is honored to support Tools and Tiaras (T&T), a pioneering non-profit organization dedicated to introducing girls to the trades. T&T is on a mission to show girls (ages 6-14) that they can succeed in any job. Through our collaboration, Ferguson aims to help break down barriers and inspire a new generation of tradeswomen.

The Visionary Behind Tools & Tiaras
Tools & Tiaras was founded by Judaline Cassidy, a history-making tradeswoman dedicating her career to shattering stereotypes and empowering young girls. Cassidy, a plumber by trade, established the organization to provide girls with hands-on experience in various trades, from plumbing and electrical work to carpentry and welding. Her vision is simple yet profound and trademarked: to show girls that Jobs Don’t Have Genders®.

Empowering Girls Through Hands-On Experience
This summer, the air will be filled with the lively hum of chatter; 40 girls will ring in the season with the bang of hammers, the clang of metal and the buzz of saws as Tools & Tiaras host their transformative summer camps in the vibrant NYC boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn. On these bright summer mornings, as the sun rises and casts a warm glow over the bustling workshops, 20 eager girls at each session will don their safety goggles and helmets and pick up their tools, ready to embark on a week of discovering their power and skill-building.

The girls will explore various trades daily, including plumbing, welding, engineering, sheet metal, architecture and more. The tactile sensation of handling real tools and materials will ignite their curiosity and build confidence. In addition to these technical skills, they will participate in T.O.O.L.S. (Total Ownership of Life Skills) programming, which includes leadership, public speaking, financial literacy, activism and self-defense.

As the days progress, the campers learn to build and fix; moreover, they believe in their own capabilities. The sense of camaraderie and support among the girls, coupled with the guidance of skilled women trade professional mentors, will foster a community where dreams are nurtured and stereotypes are shattered.

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Ferguson's Commitment: EmpowHER Business Resource Group (BRG)
Ferguson women’s business resource group, EmpowHER, recently conducted a community engagement survey of their 2,500 members. The survey results showed EmpowHER membership wants to support initiatives to empower girls and nurture future generations of women in the trades. Using a $22,000 Ferguson Cares grant, the EmpowHER BRG chose to partner with Tools & Tiaras to support their 2024 Summer Camps. This grant will cover 30 campers to attend, as well as other camp expenses and materials.

"Our EmpowHER BRG is proud to support Tools & Tiaras, ensuring that more girls can discover their potential in the trades," says Christine Dwyer, Chair of EmpowHER BRG and Senior Director of Communications, Ferguson.
The construction industry faces a workforce gap of half a million, intensified by the impending retirement eligibility of the baby boomer generation. Women, making up just 10% of the industry (4% in the skilled trades), represent a significant untapped resource. By supporting Tools & Tiaras, Ferguson is helping to bridge this gap and empower the next generation of tradeswomen.

Destigmatizing Trades for Women
The significance of this initiative extends beyond the immediate benefits of skill acquisition. By introducing girls to the trades early, Tools & Tiaras - in collaboration with Ferguson - is working to break the stigma that these careers are only for men. The hands-on experience and mentorship provided at the camps help to cultivate confidence and passion, encouraging young girls to pursue trades as viable and rewarding career paths.

Ferguson focuses on reaching kids early, particularly in the K-12 space, with most initiatives targeting high school students. The aim is to provide training and development opportunities that inspire young people to consider careers in the skilled trades. As more girls pick up tools, empowered with confidence, the world of skilled trades transforms into a realm of endless possibilities. The future holds great promise as we continue championing diversity and inclusion in every workshop, school and job site.

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