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The Latest in HVAC Partnerships: The Future of Heat Pumps.
Quilt Announces Installation Partnerships with Leading HVAC Companies Fuse and Rycor.

Major partnerships will ensure seamless installations of new Quilt units in two of the United States’ hottest markets for heat pumps.

Quilt, creators of the most advanced ductless heat pump system ever designed for residential use, today announced that it has cemented partnerships with two leading HVAC installation companies in the United States: Fuse of San Jose, CA; and Rycor HVAC of New Paltz, NY. Quilt’s mission is to reduce home-based fossil fuel dependency by making heat pumps more compelling and accessible for homeowners. Through these partnerships, Quilt enables a seamless purchase-to-installation experience for hundreds of thousands of homes in Northern California and the Northeast.

Established in 2006, Rycor HVAC serves the Hudson Valley and Capital Regions of New York state and specializes exclusively in ductless heat pump installations. Fuse Service of San Jose handles heat pump installations for homes throughout Northern California. Combined, the two partnerships represent a major expansion of Quilt’s home-grown installation partner network.

Quilt has developed a design-forward electric heat pump system, which operates using a first-of-its-kind integrated software platform. Simultaneously, Quilt has been building a network of vetted HVAC professionals, partners, and organizations to make purchase and installation of these units a seamless process for homeowners. Rycor and Fuse of San Jose, which together reach more than two million homes, are the largest partners to join the Quilt network.

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“From the beginning, we recognized that developing a game-changing heat pump system was only half the battle. If we truly want to make a sizable dent in home carbon emissions, we also have to simplify installations for homeowners,” explained Quilt co-founder and CEO Paul Lambert. “Partnerships like these are crucial for mass adoption and Scott from Rycor and Stan from Fuse were two of our earliest advisors. We feel fortunate to have landed partnerships with these two companies, which are among the best of the best in these crucial regions.”

“We’ve been in the HVAC business for almost 20 years and we’ve known for a long time that heat pumps are the future - in fact, we don’t work with anything that burns fuel anymore, that’s a thing of the past,” said Scott Arnold, Founder of Rycor. “We’re confident that Quilt will eliminate any remaining hesitation customers might have about heat pumps. We’re excited to get to work installing these extraordinary units in homes across New York State.”

“We built our business from the ground up, growing from a five-man operation to nearly 20 franchises in California alone. Our success stems from a deep commitment to bringing the best heating and cooling solutions into our customers’ homes,” added Stanislav “Stan” Pakarin, Co-founder of Fuse Service, San Jose. “The team at Quilt has developed a heat pump system that will truly transform residential living for the better. We look forward to getting those systems up and running all across Northern California.”

“We've been incredibly impressed with the approach Quilt has taken. Building transformative technology for the home requires special attention to installation. By aligning with trusted partners like Fuse and Rycor from the outset, the Quilt team illustrates just how comprehensive their vision is. We faced similar hurdles while growing Nest, and Quilt is tackling this challenge in a thoughtful and strategic way,” explained Nest Co-founder Matt Rogers, now co-founder of values-based investment firm Incite Ventures, investors in Quilt. “The team is effectively setting themselves up to rapidly gain market share, with the near-future benefit of significantly lowering home carbon emissions.”

About Quilt
Founded in Redwood City, CA, Quilt builds home heat pump systems for a better climate. Its mission is to move humanity off fossil fuel heating. Quilt’s integrated hardware and software system offers stylish design and enables room-by-room control for maximum comfort and efficiency. Quilt makes it easy to upgrade from traditional heating systems through its technology-enabled, direct-to-homeowner purchase-and-installation experience. For more information, visit www.quilt.com.



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