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Curri Announces Delivery Partnership with Bluon.
Curri, the fastest-growing logistics technology provider brings
on-demand delivery to Bluon, the leading support app for HVAC technicians.


Curri and Bluon announced today they are teaming up to bring on-demand delivery services to Bluon App users. This new partnership will enable HVAC technicians who use the Bluon app to request same-day delivery of their orders, straight from the app. With Curri’s nationwide fleet of over 2 million vehicles, units and parts can now be delivered within a few hours to HVAC job sites.

“Our work with Bluon marks a significant launch for Curri that expands our relationships in the HVAC industry to now empower HVAC techs,” says Matt Lafferty, Co-Founder and CEO at Curri. “Our integration with Bluon will have an immediate impact and make life easier for HVAC techs. They’ll be able to spend more time at the job site to utilize their skillset where it’s needed most.”

HVAC technicians will now see a delivery option on their order requests. The new delivery option helps make the day-to-day life of HVAC technicians easier by enabling them to keep their expertise at the jobsite while a driver picks up and delivers their order.

“We are excited to partner with Curri as both Bluon and Curri see the immense value in providing a seamless delivery model for HVAC techs in the field,” said Peter Capuciati, CEO of Bluon. “The HVAC industry and its professionals in the field have always fantasized about a true ‘uber-like’ parts delivery system that is distributor agnostic - which is exactly what Curri and Bluon will be providing.”

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The benefits of this new partnership include.

On-Demand Delivery for HVAC technicians.
HVAC units and parts will be delivered from BluonLive Distributors to HVAC technicians by a local driver within a few hours.

Nationwide Coverage.
A nationwide fleet of over 2 million vehicles ensures order requests are delivered quickly, reliably, and professionally.

Delivery Features
Live tracking with driver ETA and delivery notifications by email and SMS

About Bluon
Bluon offers something truly unique to the $100B HVAC industry, providing support and an e-commerce platform to increase the productivity and efficiency of 150,000 HVAC technicians and thousands of brick and mortar distributors. With Bluon, techs finally have a brand agnostic, single source for documentation, tech support, and for acquiring parts and materials for the specific unit they are servicing - saving contractors hours daily and increasing the profitability of their business. Now, Bluon is supporting distributors with the industry’s most comprehensive parts and equipment database enabling next level cross reference capabilities while connecting them directly to Bluon’s 150,000 Member technicians through Bluon’s e-commerce platform BluonLive. By streamlining the parts purchasing process and facilitating orders placed by these technicians to their existing local distributors, Bluon dramatically increases the efficiency of this process for both parties. Ultimately Bluon allows distributors to serve more customers, faster while handling more orders with less effort at the store. Bluon makes navigating the complex world of servicing HVAC equipment much easier for techs and distributors alike with a real solution to the skilled labor gap that weighs heavily on the HVAC industry. For more information about Bluon, visit www.bluon.com.

About Curri
Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Curri is the leading logistics technology platform. The all-in-one logistics platform helps thousands of distributors' locations move construction and industrial supplies fast, reliably, and professionally through its people, service, technology, and transparent pricing. With a nationwide fleet of over 2 million vehicles that provide hotshot, freight, and dedicated services, Curri helps its customers save 30% on operational costs and convert 24% more sales by offering on-demand delivery with Curri. To learn more about Curri, visit our logistics platform at www.curri.com/book.

Our mission is to be the way the world delivers construction and industrial supplies. Follow Curri on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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