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Carrier Offers Abound™ Healthy Air Starter Package, the First Step Toward Unlocking Indoor Air Quality Actionable Insights.

To ensure that building owners, facility managers and environment, health and safety (EHS) professionals understand the health of their indoor spaces, Carrier is offering the Abound™ Healthy Air Starter Package. The limited-time offering provides a simple, quick, and cost-effective way to monitor, visualize and react to the unseen components of indoor air quality (IAQ), helping support occupant wellness.

This special offering is pre-packaged to be installed in a half a day and provides real-time monitoring of up to three different spaces, approximately 30,000 square feet. The Abound Healthy Air Starter Package is ideal for gaining actionable insights about the air quality in lobbies, small conference rooms, entrance areas and open offices in any type of building, and it can also be easily scaled to building portfolios of any size.

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The starter package includes wireless, battery-operated IAQ sensors that measure six components of indoor air and environmental quality that are critical to occupant wellness – carbon dioxide, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, radon, temperature and humidity. The sensors connect directly to the cloud through cellular hubs, where all the IAQ data is pulled into the Abound interface. Whenever any of the six components move outside of an acceptable range, building management is alerted and they can immediately address IAQ issues.

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