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2020: The Little Year That Could.

The past year has been filled with unexpected tragedy and hardship for all of us. Yet despite it all, there is still much to be thankful for. As we reflected on what the past year has brought for Pearl and the industries and professionals we serve, we’re reminded of the many struggles—but also the many triumphs—we’ve experienced. In this post, we’ll share some of those highlights and wins, both for the company as a whole and each of our departments serving our primary audiences and customers in the housing industry. 2020 became the little year that could.

In spite of Covid’s impact on the contracting industry (equipment shortages, crews quarantined), a new light was shone on energy use and air quality as more people stayed at home full time. Because our company was already so nimble, we were able to pivot quickly to offer support and education to our customers—many of whom, as boots on the ground companies, were new to a virtual landscape. As a result, Pearl has continued to add value to our customers’ businesses throughout 2020, and we continue to engage with our partners as they adjust to a changing sales landscape.

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We also negotiated several important partnerships with major manufacturers this year, and we look forward to launching and implementing them in 2021. By providing us with new exposure and new ways to engage with many of the best contractors in the U.S., we anticipate these relationships will have a tremendous impact on revenue and sales in 2021.

After several years of focusing on product development and sales, Pearl stepped up efforts to engage in policy this year. We engaged with a number of legislators who are working on energy efficiency issues, and joined the National Association of State Energy Offices as an affiliate member. We also worked to ensure that Pearl is positioned to support and take part in any major energy efficiency initiatives that may be launched by the new administration in Washington during 2021.

Pearl CEO Cynthia Adams was honored to receive the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year award. This award was especially meaningful since Pearl was born in Charlottesville, and the community’s support of entrepreneurship is incredibly impactful.

Additionally, Pearl hired nine new team members — including a Senior VP of Operations, VP of Marketing and a VP of Revenue — to help us scale our business.

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