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Free Online Customer Referral Network Reimagines the Consumer-Direct HVAC/R Equipment Supply Chain.

Online Platform Designed to Make the Consumer-Direct HVAC Sales Channel. More Profitable For HVAC/R Contractors

Contractors can now capitalize on the growing $150MM+/yr online market for direct-to-consumer HVAC/R equipment sales through the free MyEZInstall.com platform that allows installers to retain 100 percent of labor fees and grow their service base.

“We’re allowing contractors to retain all their install fees, quote their own price on every job, and grow their service base for free,” explains Chris Rush, CEO and Founder of MyEZInstall. “In return, homeowners get a product that’s sized and installed correctly, and HVAC/R manufacturers get to keep their warranty promises. The websites win too. Every segment of the industry can benefit from this solution.”

This unique customer referral network is designed to provide an industry-centric service option not currently available through companies such as Amazon, Google, Porch, Angie’s List and Home Advisor, according Rush. “While other referral networks are charging contractors as much as 20 percent of their labor in exchange for each closed lead, MyEZInstall’s network is 100 percent free for our members.”

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Instead of charging members a flat referral fee or percentage of their installation price, MyEZInstall is compensated from referring e-commerce websites for access to its national network of licensed HVAC/R contractors. “In fact, our model is specifically designed to make the consumer-direct sales channel more profitable for HVAC/R contractors, as well as manufacturers and distributors,” clarifies Rush, an industry veteran.

And since thousands of home & business owners are buying their HVAC systems online every year, contractors stand to make significant gains in this growing online market.

● Contractor membership and leads are free
● Contractors keep 100 percent of their install fee on every job
● Contractors approve homeowner-provided HVAC equipment prior to install and quote each installation as they see fit
● Contractors are allowed to sell additional services and accessories to homeowners

Licensed contractors can apply for membership at www.MyEZInstall.com. Once information is verified and approved, their personalized listing is added to the network. Then, home & business owners purchasing from e-commerce partner sites will utilize an interactive listing of local licensed contractors where they can request several quotes during the check-out process.

Pricing. Because the creators of MyEZInstall come from an HVAC background, they have a unique understanding of the fact that every job is different. For that reason, quoting is in the hands of individual contractors, who are free to set their own price on every job.

Equipment. Contractors verify and approve homeowners’ equipment selections prior to installation, ensuring proper sizing and application. Contractors are also allowed to sell any missing or additional accessories to the customer directly, as needed. Customers are responsible for handling their own equipment returns.

Customer Base. Customer referrals become the contractor’s to earn and keep. MyEZInstall provides tips for ensuring future business, encouraging contractors to offer Extended Service Agreements, Install Financing, Labor Warranties and assisting customers with their Manufacturer Warranty Registration.

Beta Program. MyEZInstall is currently offering a Beta program where licensed Contractors, Manufacturers and Distributors can provide their input. To join this Beta program, Email us at info@myezinstall.com or call 816-944-0763.

For Manufacturers, MyEZInstall’s search engine will prioritize premium-branded dealers whenever their brands are being purchased online. For Distributors, MyEZInstall will refer its members to local branches whenever they’re interested in dealing a brand that’s carried there. Manufacturers & Distributors can participate in the MyEZInstall BETA program and receive all of these benefits for free just by sharing this opportunity with their own dealer networks.

MyEZInstall was formed by HVAC industry professionals, for industry professionals and consumers. With decades of combined experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, Ecommerce, Retail, Contracting and Technology, the company provides industry solutions for connecting consumer-direct purchases of HVAC equipment with licensed installation contractors. Contractors can join today at MyEZInstall.com. Email us at info@myezinstall.com or
call 816-944-0763.

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