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Bacharach Announces a Fall Combustion Promotion.

Bacharach, Inc., a leading provider of HVAC-R gas instrumentation, combustion analysis and energy management solutions announces its fall promotion campaign. Bacharach’s 2018 fall heating season campaign offers customers a free multi-year subscription to Bacharach’s B-Smart® pre-calibrated sensor exchange program, or a free sample conditioner. The promotional value ranges from $199 to $1595 depending on the unit and configuration purchased.

During the 2018 fall promotion, with the purchase of either a Monoxor® Plus, InTech®, or Insight® Plus combustion analyzer, customers will receive a free 2-year subscription to the B-Smart® Sensor Exchange Program for the CO Sensor, a $199 value. As part of a B-Smart subscription, Bacharach ensures replacement sensors are pre-calibrated and sent to subscribers at pre-determined intervals. This keeps the cost of equipment maintenance and the cost of ownership low.

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With a purchase of Bacharach’s 4-gas PCA® 400 combustion analyzer, the user can decide between a free, 3-year, B-Smart® Sensor Exchange Program for any sensor, up to 3-sensors, or a free sample conditioner during the fall promotion. The sample conditioner is an accessory to the PCA® 400 combustion analyzer, that cools and removes water vapor from the stack gas sample to ensure accurate NOx and SOx readings. Customers purchasing a PCA® 400 will receive a 3-year B-Smart® Sensor Exchange Program Subscription for each of their sensors purchased, including CO, NO, NO2, and SO2, each valued at $349, and a total value up to $1047. Alternatively, certain PCA® 400 configurations are eligible for a free sample conditioner, a $1,595 value.

Bacharach’s lineup of combustion analyzers cover a range of applications from residential to commercial and industrial facilities. Made in the USA, the PCA® 400, Insight® Plus, InTech®, and Monoxor® Plus combustion analyzers set the standard for quality, intuitive operation, rugged construction. Built-in troubleshooting software provides technicians with a quick visual for tuning furnaces and other appliances, while mobile apps enable the transfer test data from the analyzers to a mobile device for generating and sharing professional reports.

This offer is valid for purchases from August 15, 2018 to December 31, 2018 at all Bacharach authorized distributors with properly completed rebate information being accepted through January 31, 2018.  Visit https://go.mybacharach.com/fall-2018/ for details

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