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Titus HVAC Innovative Uses of 3D & VR Technology.

The Future is Here with Titus VR.
Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for years in the video game industry creating new worlds for gamers to explore. The technology’s potential for training has never truly been tested before until now.

Titus VR is the latest innovation to hit the HVAC industry and allows us to showcase Titus products, services and teach complete systems from a whole new perspective. With the ability to transport viewers into any building space to see how systems work, our VR will transform how HVAC industry professionals experience training. Imagine fully understanding an occupied space and the system designed to provide the comfort – it’s potential, limitations and inner workings – before it’s even built. That’s the reality of VR - the virtual world can create so many possibilities where the only limitation is your imagination. Click here for more information.

3D Technology & Titus
The new 3D HVAC Experience in our training facility allows our thought leaders to teach HVAC systems from a totally new perspective. Traditional presentations, while still very useful today, can only go so far, plus today, people are now learning concepts in so many different ways that you have to explore all avenues to display information. There are so many tools available now that it’s hard not to be tempted to try multiple ones until you find one that suits your business.”

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3D sets us apart from any other brand that offers CES classes too. For instance, you have a young engineer who recently graduated from college less than 5 years ago and is eager to learn more about HVAC. This person is accustomed to using all of the latest technology - smartphones, tablets, hover boards, etc. - just to name a few. With our new 3D wall experience, we are better equipped to engage this type of person as they can visually see how the system works from a new perspective designed specifically to enhance what is taught in a traditional setting.

As we have stated before, "exploring new technology and innovations over the years has never been an issue for us - it’s a challenge we meet head on and gladly accept." Adding 3D presentations is just another tool we are eager to explore. Presently we have UnderFloor Air Distribution (UFAD) and Chilled Beam systems nearing completion and plan to incorporate this innovation across many more product lines in the near future. Additionally, we now have the advantage to travel with it too. We have created 2D virtual reality VR environments compatible with Samsung Gear S7 devices that our personnel can take and showcase to an architect, engineer or any other decision maker you want us to meet. Imagine meeting an architect and integrating this tool into your overall presentation, the impact and impression made will definitely stand apart from anyone else.

3D Printing Has Come to Titus
When a new product design comes to light or when you have a new innovation that is ready for the next step in development, wouldn’t it be great to build a mockup to test?

Hello 3D printer, what took you so long to get here?

3D printing has given our engineers the resources to take designs from the computer directly to the lab environment. We can see how it is built, how all the components interact with one another, and what enhancements need to be made. Even built on a small scale compared to how it will be when finally developed, our engineers can see a multitude of things from the 3D model.

When developing content for the 3D environment, it is important to pay close attention to the details. The small details are the difference makers. Thus far all endeavors have been very beneficial for us and we look forward to implementing this technology in the near future across many other platforms.
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