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QuietCool and A/C: A Perfect Union.

QuietCool makes the bold claim that whole house fans can save up to 50-90% on A/C related costs. But factually, this is actually not a claim made by QuietCool. This claim comes directly from the Department of Energy and PG&E (Pacific Gas & and Electric Company).

QuietCool Whole House Fans as a Companion to A/C

QuietCool has never claimed to be a replacement for air conditioning. In fact, together QuietCool and air conditioning create a perfect union. During the evening and early morning hours, homeowners can take advantage of the cool outside air to cool the home. Due to the mass air exchanges occurring every hour, the heat is extracted from the mass of the home. When the next morning comes around, the home’s structure has been cooled bringing down the core temperature.

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This means that the home will take much longer to heat up. Instead of the A/C unit kicking on around noon, now it may take until the late afternoon to kick on. This saves money on A/C related cost. In addition it keeps the usage of one of the most expensive home appliances to a minimum. This reduction in usage then increases the longevity of the entire A/C unit!

Another benefit of the QuietCool is that it ventilates the cool air straight into the homeowner’s attic. This means that cool air is coming into contact with the ducting for your A/C system. When the A/C unit is first turned on, it does not need to battle with the extreme attic temperature just to cool down the ducting.

Install a QuietCool whole house fan and increase the life of your A/C unit. All while saving 50-90% on your A/C related savings!

QuietCool saves customers up to 50-90% off A/C related electricity costs. QuietCool whole house fans and attic fans help consumers save money.  For more information visit https://quietcoolsystems.com/


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