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Digital Customer Notification: A simple way for HVAC & other service contractors to make more money.

Digital Customer Notification by Solutioneering, LLC provides service-based businesses the opportunity to generate more revenue from current customers with effective, low cost direct digital marketing ads and the power of cross-selling.

What is Digital Customer Notification?

Digital Customer Notification is an income-generating platform for service-based businesses. It enables them to use text message or e-mail to provide their customers a sense of safety while simultaneously providing the business the opportunity to generate more revenue from current customers through very effective direct digital marketing ads. 90 percent of mobile phone users read every text message they receive. They will be even more likely to do so if it involves their personal safety.

What does Digital Customer Notification mean to your business?

A New Income Stream. It allows your business to emphasize that it cares about the safety of its customers in addition to the quality services/products that they expect your business to provide. More important to your bottom line, it offers you the opportunity to simultaneously and passively enhance your current business relationship with them by informing them about special deals, sales, new product arrivals, etc. which can lead to make more money from current customers. Digital Customer Notification .. a solution to keep your business moving forward.

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Don't miss out on more business and new revenue streams.

Watch our video to see how DCN can help build trust and customer loyalty that provides you with the opportunities for extra money every day.

DCN allows a service-based business of any size to easily do direct relational selling and have a high probability of existing customers viewing other products or services that they offer. DCN stretches the effectiveness of the existing advertising budgets. Our approach allows small service-based businesses to maximize their existing advertising investments and ensures they receive the best return-on- investment for money they have already spent on advertising.

DCN means more business and a new revenue stream for small service-based businesses this is a simple way to make more money.

Contact DNC today and start generating more sales. Visit Digital Customer Notification or email
mario.opena@digitalcustomernotification.com , peter.lierni@digitalcustomernotification.com.


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