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The Smart Home Revolution under the Leadership of HVAC Contractors.

Smart homes will soon become a common part of almost all households. This revolution has already started under the leadership of HVAC contractors, thanks to the consumer demand that has accelerated the growth of smart homes rapidly.

Builders, renovators, and consumers are welcoming this reliable and affordable technology owing to the innumerable benefits they offer, including reduced costs, enhanced efficiency, and convenient lifestyle.

As per reports from BI Intelligence, over the coming 5 years, delivery of smart home equipment will increase at 67% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) as home owners prefer their homes to be connected just the way their other life aspects are.

But still, there’s a segment of consumers who are confused with the plethora of new products, players, and technologies coming up and they seek guidance for the purchase.

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It’s easy for HVAC dealers like Daikin, NationalAirWarehouse, and Watso that have already earned reputation in the market to expand into the category of smart homes since they are already selling products such as connected thermostats – one of the highly popular kinds of connected equipment and a product that’s not easy to be self-installed by home owners. Obviously, that’s a natural point of entry for HVAC dealers.

Talking about the increasing demand for smart homes and the current supply scenario, an HVAC expert said – “With smart home technology now being more secure, affordable, and reliable, an increasing number of consumers are demanding smart devices and so HVAC dealers have to be ready to meet the increasing demand. If not, they will have to risk losing valuable consumer relationship. They have to gear up and are prepared to meet the progressive demand.”

A smart home installer can enhance the bottom line of a dealer in two ways: first it offers an extensive variety of products to create a continuous revenue stream after the installation of the initial system and secondly the strong remote diagnostic features establish a second link between the customer and dealer.

Connecting HVAC with smart equipment into one system can convert a mechanical system into an overall technology upgrade for a household, which is a strong competitive differentiator and a uniquely powerful proposal.

HVAC is highly anticipated to be the field that leads the path to smart home revolution as there’s no better contender to do so.


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