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Mestek Acquires Turbonics.
Mestek, Inc. of Westfield, MA is pleased to announce the acquisition of Turbonics, Inc. of Cleveland, OH, effective February 4, 2016.

Turbonics is a manufacturer of specialty hydronic fan coils and has been providing innovative comfort solutions to the North American HVAC marketplace for more than 50 years. The Turbonics product offering provides synergy with our current Residential Comfort Group of companies, including Beacon Morris, Spacepak Hydronics, Designline, and our multiple brands of hydronic perimeter baseboard including Kompak, Petite, Suntemp, Heatrim American, Embassy, and Argo.

Turbonics will continue to operate as a stand-alone brand / franchise and will become a division of the Mestek Residential Comfort Group. We will continue to manufacture at the Turbonics facility in Cleveland, OH for the time being, with our long-term plan involving moving production to our Westfield, MA facility where we can take full advantage of the manufacturing process similarities, shared components, and other synergies with the Mestek and Turbonics product lines.

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Turbonics has a history of designing innovative hydronic products which provide creative heating and cooling application solutions. Many of these designs are application-specific and custom in nature and Mestek will continue to focus on this segment of the Turbonics product line, while also providing capital investment in research and development to bring new technically advanced products to market.

All order processing and other Customer Service functions will now be handled by our Team in Westfield, MA and the Cleveland, OH location will assist with Technical support.


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