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Thermostat Recycling Corporation Reaches New Record in 2014.

Network increased mercury thermostat collections by 12%.

Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) set a new record for mercury thermostats collected in 2014 ó the highest collection amount in the 17 years of the programís history. TRCís program properly disposes of mercury thermostats, thereby keeping potential hazardous materials from entering the waste stream.

More than 203,000 mercury thermostats were collected through TRCís network in 2014, a 12% increase over 2013. Last yearís amount contributed to the more than 9 tons of mercury TRC has diverted from solid waste since collection efforts first began in 1998.Ē

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TRCís collection program primarily relies on HVAC contractors who remove mercury thermostats from service and return them to wholesale distributors participating in TRCís program to be recycled. The HVAC industry continued to lead in terms of collections as wholesale distributor locations contributed 78% of all collections nationwide.

ďThis is a big achievement since all major manufacturers of mercury thermostats ceased production by 2009, meaning the amount available to recover continues to decline,Ē says Mark Tibbetts, TRCís Executive Director. ďThese gains help us make a greater positive impact on the environment thanks to the continued dedication of our collection partners.Ē

About Thermostat Recycling Corporation
The Thermostat Recycling Corporation, founded in 1998, is a non-profit stewardship organization financially supported by 30 manufacturers who historically branded and sold mercury thermostats in the United States. TRC maintains a network of more than 3,600 collection sites nationwide and has recovered more than 1.8 million thermostats since its inception. TRC assumes all costs to transport and properly dispose of mercury switch thermostats recovered from service. Learn more about TRC by finding us on Facebook, or following us on Twitter.


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