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Spirax Sarco introduces the New Spirax EasiHeat™ DHW with S.I.M.S Technology.

A complete, compact and energy efficient heat exchange solution.

Spirax Sarco is pleased to release the Spirax EasiHeat DHW. This new heat exchanger incorporating S.I.M.S (Spirax Intelligent Monitoring System) technology is a complete, compact and energy efficient heat transfer solution, that will deliver a constant supply of hot water at a stable temperature on demand – even with sudden wide load changes – for a full range of domestic and process hot water applications up to 4 million BTU’s.

Spirax Sarco precisely sizes all of the Spirax EasiHeat DHW components to ensure accurate temperature control and responsiveness under all load conditions. The unit constantly supplies hot water at stable temperatures eliminating the need for large storage volumes. This makes it ideal for heating potable water in any commercial public building and institutions, including hospitals, schools and colleges, as well as any process application that requires hot water as part of the manufacturing process.

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Spirax Sarco EasiHeat DHW comes complete with a new innovative control system incorporating S.I.M.S technology. This system enables monitoring, diagnostics and status communications. The technology delivers energy management and system performance data to the user allowing optimization of the steam system and subsequent efficiency improvements. Information can be accessed in a number of ways, remotely over the internet, through improved compatibility with existing onsite communication systems (BACnet, Modbus, etc.) or mobile devices through SMS text messaging or email

A 7” touch screen provides complete visual access to data detailing how and where energy is consumed, leading to more informed energy management decisions and increased efficiency.

With S.I.M.S technology, packages are compatible for connection to existing proprietary networks and can interact with Ethernet and Modbus systems as well as Profibus, CANopen, EtherCAT, DeviceNet and more. As a packaged heat transfer solution, the Spirax EasiHeat DHW can be tailored to the exact specification of the application and are pre-assembled for quick installation, a rapid start-up and commissioning with minimum downtime.

About Spirax Sarco, Inc.
Spirax Sarco is the world leader in steam system management. The Company provides a broad range of fluid control products, engineered packages, systems expertise and site services for its diverse range of over 100,000 industrial and institutional customers. The Company helps its customers to optimize production capacity, reduce energy costs and emissions, improve product quality and enhance the safety of their operations. Spirax Sarco has strategically located manufacturing plants around the world and employs approximately 4,700 people, of whom around 1,300 are direct sales and service engineers. Further information can be found at www.spiraxsarco.com/global/us.


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