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Daikin Applied's Roadshow Delivers Internet of Things Technology Training to Your Doorstep.

Roadshow offers hands-on demonstrations of Intelligent Equipment™ in rooftop units and discussions about IoT at 18 stops nationwide

Through Daikin Applied's annual 'Ideas in Motion' Roadshow, this spring contractors, specifying engineers and building owners at 18 stops around the country will receive live demonstrations -and educational sessions on the company's new technology platform, Intelligent Equipment™, as well as participate in discussions with experts on what the Internet of Things means to the commercial building industry.

Harnessing the Internet of Things for the first time in commercial HVAC equipment, Daikin Applied has embedded this technology within its new and legacy rooftop product lines, including Rebel, Maverick II and RoofPak, enabling machine-to-machine communication to improve efficiencies. Participants at select locations will also have an opportunity to earn Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits by attending these sessions.

The tour's hands-on approach is popular with attendees; having the equipment and technology onsite can create a more substantial learning process than a classroom, webinar or manual. One key aspect of the roadshow is that Daikin Applied experts can show participants there is more than one method of applying their systems and demonstrate a new way of doing things.

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"Through advancements like Intelligent Equipment, HVAC systems are becoming more connected and more integrated than ever, making it critical to become educated about Internet of Things and what it means to the HVAC industry," said Paul Rauker, vice president of systems and controls at Daikin Applied. "The 'Ideas in Motion' Roadshow gives participants a head start in becoming proficient with the latest technology and helps prepare them for future jobs and projects."

Dates and locations for 'Ideas in Motion' Roadshow stops:
  • Magnetic bearing design eliminates mechanical seals, wear surfaces, gears and slide valves for longer machine life and increased reliability.
  • VFD designed as an integrated component with the compressor. Reduced in-rush.
  • Onboard digital controls continuously monitor operating status and provide fault protections.
  • Oil-free design eliminates oil management systems for improved compressor and system reliability. The oil-free design also eliminates the possibility of efficiency-robbing oil contamination of heat-transfer surfaces.

In addition to the Intelligent Equipment technology platform, other products included in the "Ideas in Motion" Roadshow include: Magnitude magnetic bearing chiller, Maverick rooftop unit, MicroTech Integrated System controls, Pathfinder air cooled chiller, Rebel rooftop units, SmartSource WSHP, ThinLine fan coils and Vision air handlers.

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