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5 Tips for Contractors Offering Newer Energy Efficient HVACs.
By Dan McKee, Service Champions

The newer and more energy efficient HVACs can be tough sell for contractors, despite the many benefits these systems offer. These newer machines obviously provide energy savings, but they do cost a lot of money compared to their less efficient and older siblings. With this in mind, weíve listed some tips that should help you as an HVAC contractor.

Here are 5 of the most important factors that can help convince your current and future customers to make the switch to these powerful and efficient systems:

Simple Payback
We started by talking about price, so letís jump in and discuss some more details. Since the newer machines cost a lot of money, never lead with the actual price of the HVAC equipment. Instead, talk about the ĎSimple Paybackí figures for your customer. Simple Payback is a simple ratio where the initial purchase amount is divided by the savings that are derived from the purchase.

When the customer buys an energy efficient HVAC system, he or she will be saving on a lot of other costs like energy utility bills as well as repairs and maintenance costs. These are absolute costs, but there are other things that cannot be measured such as increased comfort, less noise and overall generally improved atmosphere in the house. Calculate the savings using the above factors and produce the payback figure.

Load Calculations
Calculating the load bearing capacity a customer will need in an HVAC is the basic thing to do before you suggest the type of equipment they should buy. There is a slight, letís say, business dilemma here. The larger the HVAC you sell, the more money you get to make. Clearly, this seems like a no brainer. In fact, older systems would not really be affected if they were slightly more powerful than what the house needed!

With the newer energy efficient systems however, you need to offer the precise equipment as suggested by the load factor. If you donít do this, eventually the customer would report back with poor performance issues, leading to a bad post-sales experience, which could affect your long-term sales and reputation.

Customer Education
Newer state-of-the-art HVAC systems are energy efficient for a reason. They have more advanced controls that keep everything running at optimum performance and keep homes or offices comfortable. The scenario is no different than giving someone his or her first smartphone. Unless you teach that person how to use the device, they wonít really make the most of it!

Similarly, the newer HVAC systems wonít really give the customers what they want, unless they know how to use it. When making the sale, you have relied a lot on the future savings as a benefit for the customer. If this promise has to be realized, you will need to take the time to explain everything to your customers. Since the HVAC will be used by everybody in the family, itís your job to ensure that your customer understands the basics of using the system, and can easily educate other users in the house too.

Service and Maintenance
There are a whole lot of systems that fall into the HVAC category. Many of these are improved versions of the previous, non-energy efficient HVACs. In order to ensure that your promises about energy savings are met, as well as retain high customer satisfaction, itís important to offer an annual maintenance contract to your customers.

Make sure you tie up with a reliable HVAC service provider for these contracts, and if possible, bundle the annual maintenance into the initial price at a lower cost. That way, you wonít have to talk about money again, when it comes to servicing, repairs and regular maintenance.

Technician Education
It is not sufficient if just your customers are well-informed about the HVAC systems. Your company technicians are the real heroes, since they will handle installation, post-sales service and any questions that a customer may have while using the system. It is your responsibility to ensure that your technicians Ė including yourself Ė have been trained in the latest updates available about the HVAC products.

Doing this not only makes your technicians equipped to handle any scenario or query, they will also be able to ensure superior customer service. Eventually, this will translate to more money for you, as well as a happier customer base.

Offering the expensive but energy saving newer HVACs can get tricky, but with the tips listed above, we hope it will become much easier for you!

About Author:
Dan McKee heads up the marketing efforts and provides digital marketing strategies to the marketing team at Service Champions, HVAC service providers in California. 

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