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Turning Mini Split Leads Into Zoning Jobs.
Written by: Ken Barton, Technical Sales, Arzel Zoning

ďA lot of times, people donít know what they want until you show it to them.Ē

This quote from Steve Jobs is especially true in the HVAC industry. People know that certain rooms are uncomfortable but make the assumption that because their parents' homes had too hot or too cold spots, that is just how the equipment works.

Those who decide they want better for their homesí system frequently turn to the internet to begin researching ways to correct their home comfort issues. A common result for too hot and too cold Google keyword searches? Mini splits.

Most contractors offer their preferred brand of this equipment, however, one Arzel contractor uses his mini split leads as a spring board for a bigger sales opportunity, a zoning system. After speaking to the homeowner and asking a few key investigative questions, the contractor can usually determine whether the consumer would be better served with a zoning solution.

Make the Case for Zoning

If the homeowner is trying to achieve comfort for several hard to condition spaces and they have forced air with duct work, they are a better candidate for zoning than mini splits. He explains to each homeowner who fits this criteria that their problem is getting comfort where its needed when its wanted and can be corrected at a lower cost than a new system.

Although zoning can be more costly than an application using a single mini-split, more often than not, the homeowner reveals that their comfort issues are throughout the home and they were unaware a solution could correct the entire home. They pursue the mini split option because it puts a quick, relatively low cost band aid on the spot they feel the most discomfort such as an upstairs bedroom in the summertime or basement. In these instances, the contractor shared with me he tells his customers they get more bang for their buck when they improve their existing system with zoning instead of installing additional equipment to correct temperature issues in one area.

While the cost of a single mini split unit is lower than a zoning system, the operating costs and overall comfort benefits for a whole home application pale in comparison. Zoning systems provide better efficiency and more comfort.

There is always a place for mini split such as a converted space with no duct work, boiler applications or homes with a need for single area comfort improvement. After learning how this contractor optimizes his sales leads with zoning, I am certain there are other homeowners out their needing the guidance and knowledge of you, their comfort expert. You have to go out and share with your customers how you can raise their comfort expectations of their existing system. Remember, they donít know whatís out their until you, or your competitor, tells them.



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