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So I need this “Manual J” Report – What does a Manual-J Load Calculation report really tell me?

An ACCA Compliant Manual J load analysis provides:
  • Individual Room x Room heating and cooling needs.
    • This is required by most permit offices and block loads are generally rejected
    • Helps determine your loads for each zone If you are installing multiple thermostats to independently control different areas of the house
    • Determines the needed airflow needed for each room (Manual T Air Distribution)
    • Determines the needed register and supply/return sizes (Manual D Duct Design)

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  • How much heating does my home need for my family to be comfortable?
    • What is the heating load needed on almost the coldest night of the winter?
    • This is the load that the heating equipment sizing is based on
    • How much cooling does my home need for my family to be comfortable?
      • There are two parts to the cooling load
        • The Sensible Cooling Load is what a thermometer measures
          • What is the cooling load needed on almost the hottest day of the summer?
      • The Latent Cooling Load is the humidity present
        • What is the worse-case condition (most humid and hot summer day)?
  • This is the combined sensible and latent load that the cooling equipment sizing is based on.

Manual J design is a subtle art. And that’s why it’s important to have professionals perform the HVAC load calculation. We at Savoy Engineering Group are just such a company. We have years of experience providing quality load calculation service. We utilize ACCA Manual J software which results in accurate calculations every time!

Savoy Engineering Group offers STANDARD, EXPRESS & PRIORITY Residential Manual J Load Calculation Service, Manual S HVAC Equipment Sizing, Manual D Duct Work Design, SpacePak Small Duct High Velocity Manual D Duct Design, Unico SDHV Manual D Duct Design, LEED, CALGreen and EnergyStar Version 3 compliant Manual J load calculations by ACCA Compliant WrightSoft HVAC Designers.

Quality HVAC Designs - ACCA Manual J & D Reports
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