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These Solutions Will Hook Insane Mobile Traffic, Part 1
By Ross Wingo - content marketer at Century Interactive.

The growing popularity of mobile devices is affecting numerous industries, including hvac contractor services. According to RKG Digital, more than 42% of organic search visits come from mobile devices.

Year over year mobile search is growing in stature, and businesses need to optimize their websites accordingly. Thereís a brewing expectation among consumers that businesses present clean, well formatted mobile websites. Consumers donít perceive mobile searching as 2nd rate compared to desktop searching, and businesses shouldn't either.

In this 2-part blog series weíll run through key tips that'll help you get a leg up on the competition, and secure more mobile traffic.

A Quick Mobile Check

Optimizing a mobile site is different from optimizing a desktop site. If your mobile site looks like a watered-down, copy-pasted version of its desktop counterpart, itís bad for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it wonít function smoothly: links will be hard to locate and click through, text will be broken-up and images may not load. Secondly, this inevitably leads to a negative impression of the business in the eyes of the customer.

78% of consumers have bailed on a purchase because of a poor service experience. The look and functionality of your website is core if you want them to convert. If the customer experience isnít up to par, customers will move on.

In order to prevent this from happening, ask yourself 2 questions about your mobile website:

1.Does it look nice and function correctly?

2.Is it easy to navigate?

Itís well within your power to fix any glaring errors. Thankfully, thereís ample opportunity to clean up your mobile presence and start making lots of great impressions (excuse the bad pun).

Less is More

When visitors get to your mobile site, what do they see? How does that first snapshot look? The key point to get across in part 1 of this series is that marrying form and function is possible. You do that, and youíre golden. Consider these 3 aspects:

Using simple, concise and informative copy is the best way to get the message across on any page. Even on a desktop, readers arenít going to give you much of their time; 55% of readers are active on a page for fewer than 15 seconds. This is even more the case on a mobile device.

If anything, itís best to leave out some information - that way, customers have a reason to call your business. Provide just enough to answer their basic questions and pique their interest. Less is more.

A Scrollable Column
66% of reader attention on a page is spent below the cutoff fold. This means visitors do take the time to scroll down on a page.

Customers are willing to scroll a bit to get the information they need, so don't cram all your page content into the initial frame. As long as everything is presented clearly, and thereís an obvious scroll feature, youíre good.

Tap Versus Click
If you want customers to click around on your mobile site, consider the tool theyíre working with: their fleshy fingers. Big buttons and chunky boxes are much preferred to thin text links.

Not only is it plain difficult to tap on tiny links with your finger, but thereís also a greater risk that these links will be overlooked. Remember, smartphone screens are only 4-5 inches. While tappable boxes take up more real estate, it's a necessary evil.

More Calls
A pitfall for many is assuming that something is 'good enough'. However, when it comes to the customer experience, itís never good enough. An optimized site will directly result in more service calls. Pack your site with easy-to-read, easy-to-find and relevant information, and see what happens.

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