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Centrotherm Eco Systems (CES) "Proudly Made in the U.S.A."

These days it is special and shows confidence when producing a product featuring the label that states 'Proudly Made in the USA.' The InnoFlue(r) brand of polypropylene vent systems designed for high efficiency appliances does just that. Listed UL-1738 and ULC-S636, InnoFlue(r) is manufactured with safety as top priority.

Most of the vent pipes, chimney kits, couplers, adaptors and other polypropylene vent components and accessories are manufactured by Centrotherm Eco Systems (CES) right here in Albany, just a short distance from the New York State Capital buildings.

Martin Wawrla, CES founder, prides himself for bringing European technology across the ocean to the U.S.A. He believes, that “European technology, made in the U.S. has proven to be a successful formula for producing well documented and proven product concepts for the American market.”

Each day the manufacturing floor is a hive of activity with raw materials being staged, pipes being belled and special components being formed, welded and assembled as machine operators produce a wide array of products to vent noxious exhaust gases from both residential and commercial homes and facilities.

Dennis Ellis, Production Supervisor for CES, oversees each stage of the manufacturing process. Dennis joined the CES team in the summer and his expertise has helped to improve delivery lead times and increased efficiency in both the manufacturing floor and warehouse. "It's amazing we can do what we do, where we do it", Dennis said. "Albany is a great connective hub for shipping our products all around the USA and even into Canada, and we do it all right here in New York."

CES offers unprecedented customer service to wholesalers, heating contractors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

This exceptional customer service can be delivered because of the strategic location of the manufacturing facility, CES's comprehensive approach to manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and its integrated engineering, accounting, sales and customer service departments.

It is a closeness and connectivity that few other companies offer. Thus, when CES says "Proudly Made in the U.S.A." - it is a statement that applies to all aspects of the organization.

About Centrotherm Eco Systems:
Centrotherm Eco Systems, LLC is a member of the Gas Flue Division of CENTROTEC Sustainable AG and was formed in April of 2009 to support the North American market. CENTROTEC Sustainable AG is a listed company that specializes in energy-efficient technology for buildings. It is represented in over 50 countries in 4 continents.

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