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Educating Homeowners to the Benefits of Air Sealing.
By Tim Smith,

Air sealing can have numerous benefits for a home, but it can be difficult to convince a homeowner of that fact. In order to help customers discover the benefits of air sealing, it is often necessary to provide information and resources to back up facts.

Tell Homeowners About Energy Savings
One of the most effective ways to get to a homeowner's heart is through his or her checkbook. Not having air sealing performed has the potential to greatly increase the amount of money that needs to be paid in order to adequately heat a home or cool a home. The effect of not having air sealing is similar to the effect of leaving a window open all day, every day, all year. There are numerous small cracks and gaps in a home that do not make it anywhere near airtight. This makes it easy for heated air to escape during the winter, increasing the amount of air that needs to be heated, and cool air to escape during the summer. Both of these reduce the comfort of the home.

Emphasize Draft and Overall Home Comfort
One of the biggest complaints that homeowners have is that certain areas of their home feel "drafty," meaning that there is a significant increase in wind and difference in temperature from the rest of the home. Draftiness can easily be mitigated with the use of air sealing, helping a home feel comfortable all year.

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Discuss Air Quality
Air sealing also keeps out allergens such as pollen, which is helpful for those who suffer from such allergies. It also makes it easy to keep out pollutants that have the potential to damage the home and the health of those who live inside the home. Without air sealing, contaminated air can come and go whenever the wind is blowing in the correct direction. Here are more suggestions to improve indoor air quality you may want to suggest.

Talk About Durability
By not having a home air sealed, there are some unknown damages that are able to occur. One such damage is that of moisture invasion. In areas that tend to experience a great deal of humidity, there is a very high chance that air sealing will result in high levels of moisture entering the home. This moisture can cause hardwood floors and other materials that are not resistant to degrade and be damaged.

Cheap and Quick
Air sealing is a procedure that can be done in a very short amount of time, and for a small amount of money. This reduces the amount of frustration that a homeowner might experience.

Use Visuals
The vast majority of people are visual learners, with an estimate of 65% of the world falling into this category. As a result, using visuals is usually the most effective way of getting a message through to the client. Using visuals will increase overall understanding, decrease the time it takes for that understanding to occur, and generally make it more likely that a customer will have air sealing completed. Using visuals is an excellent technique to help a client understand any technique. Above is a great chart from EnergyStar.gov.

A contractor should always seek to educate his or her clients with regards to how to improve their home, their finances, and their lives. By imparting information regarding the benefits of air sealing, the chances that a client will have the procedure performed increase.

About the Author
Tim Smith is a home improvement writer, enjoys doing DIY projects and is interested in green living. Tim writes for many websites such as Calfinder and Clean Edison.

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