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Acclimate™ zoning Communicating Control from Luxaire® provides up to six zones of temperature and humidity control.
The Luxaire® brand of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) products from Johnson Controls, the global leader in building efficiency, introduces the Acclimate™ zoning Communicating Control.

Acclimate™ zoning Communicating Control from Luxaire® provides up to six zones of temperature and humidity control.The new control provides up to six zones of temperature and humidity control using a single zone panel. The high-definition, touch screen is designed to be used as a master and a zoning sensor and offers a choice of three communicating sensors:

Touch screen sensor that controls a zone’s temperature and humidity levels
Zone display that allows for temperature and fan adjustment Zone sensor
Damper flexibility includes power open/power close dampers (required when not using a bypass damper), normally open and normally closed dampers. The zoning control also enables fan programming by zone. Airflow adjustments can be made by zone to compensate for ductwork variability.



Like the non-zoning product, the zoning Communicating Control communicates with all key components in a home comfort system, providing total system integration that ensures maximum system efficiency and homeowner comfort while equipping contractors with a reliable, distinctive tool to increase profits and build their business. In addition to displaying equipment and accessory status, the control offers a simplified four-wire plug-and-play design that eliminates time-consuming wiring and system checking at installation. An auto configuration feature automatically recognizes and configures new compatible components.

Acclimate™ Sell SheetThe touch screen display can be configured to give homeowners the level of information they desire, including basic or detailed fault alerts with the contractor’s contact information prominently displayed. The tool also provides maintenance reminders that encourage homeowners to continue working with the contractor to maintain their home comfort system and ensure its efficiency.

Luxaire® products from Johnson Controls include high-performance residential central air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces and accessories and light-commercial, packaged heating and cooling systems marketed through a network of distributors and delivered to home- and building-owners through independent Luxaire heating and air conditioning contractors. For more information about Luxaire, visit www.joinluxaire.com or call 877-958-9247.



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