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Introducing our new flagship ignitor!
The Pro-X 45000 is the latest in ignitor technology from Carlin Combustion —
The Pro’s Choice.

- Robust Circuit Design
- Stronger Components
- Optimized Heat Management
- Universal Fit

The new Pro-X 45000 is  simply Carlin’s most durable  ignitor ever. Reengineered circuit  design, stronger components  and lower internal operating  temperatures make this the  toughest, longest lasting ignitor  we’ve ever made. In our most  rigorous testing, under extreme  conditions the Pro-X 45000 outlasted every ignitor we’ve  ever tested… and we have tested  them all.

But long life is only half  the story… The Pro-X 45000 is also Universal. The rugged  thermoplastic housing features  mounting locations for virtually  any burner. So, whether the
burner you are servicing is a  Carlin, Beckett, Wayne… you
name it, you’ll have the right  ignitor for the job when you

If you’re looking for one tough  ignitor that will accommodate
virtually any burner… look no  further.  Put the Pro-X 45000 in your  truck today.

Universal Mounting
The precisely-engineered hole  patterns on the bottom of the
Pro-X 45000 enables it to be mount ed on virtually any manufacturer’s  existing ignitor base plate.

Fits mounting plates for:

...and more


Replaces Models

CARLIN 41000S, 41000SOBK1, 41000SOBK2, 41000SOCAS,
41000SOLC, 41000SOSC, 41000SOWA1, 41000SOWA2, 41000SOWA3, 41000SOWM
ALLANSON 2275-456, 2275-605, 2275-619, 2275-620,
2275-628G,  2275-629, 2275-630, 2275-633,
2275-647, 2275-653, 2275-658, 2275U
BECKETT 51771U, 51805U, 51824U, 51825U, 51826U, 51827U, 51828, 51836U, 51837U, 51840U, 5188U
FRANCE 10SAY-03, 10SAY-04, 10SAY-05, 10SAY-15,
10SAY-16,  10SAY-30, 10SAY-31, 10SAY-32,
10SAY-56, 10SAYL-70
WEBSTER 12-8AB7, 313-24AB81, 313-25AB78, 313-28AB205,
313-28AB85, 313-28AB91, 3-24AB-AER,
3-28AB-BAFR,  3-28AB-BS, 3-32AB-BAF



45000 Universal Ignitor Sell Sheet
Ignitor Test Procedure 45000 Universal Ignitor Data Sheet 45000 Baseplate Kits Product Sheet



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