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RLM Small Systems Ultraviolet Lamp Kit from UV Resources Improves Air Quality and Overall HVAC System Efficiency.
Designed for smaller, hard-to-service HVAC components, the S/S Kit inactivates efficiency-compromising microbes that accumulate in the system.

The Remote Lamp Mount (RLM) Small Systems (S/S) ultraviolet (UV-C) lamp fixture kit from UV Resources delivers ultraviolet energy to destroy coil/drain pan microbial infestations and disinfect moving air streams in hard-to-service fan coil units, package (PTAC) units and heat pump systems. By inactivating these microbes, the UV small systems kit helps prevent coil inefficiencies, drain pan overflow and foul odors.

Designed for smaller HVAC equipment, the kit combines name-brand UV-C components in a simple, flexible and affordable design. Among its features is a state-of-the-art CU2™ for local or remote lamp/ballast monitoring and several convenient power knock-outs for ease-of-wiring from within, or outside, the equipment it is serving.

Ideal for both new and retrofit applications, the RLM S/S Kit easily installs in most any position to generate 360-degree UV-C irradiation where energy is needed the most, eliminating the need for difficult maintenance.

Simple and Flexible
“Stained ceiling panels or wet carpet due to overflowing, microbe-infested HVAC drain pans are a thing of the past once a RLM S/S Kit is installed,” explains Dan Jones, UV Resources President. “Contractors and facility engineers can now keep HVAC systems operating at peak, as-built efficiency, without costly and difficult maintenance.”

Easy and flexible to specify, install and service, the RLM S/S fixture is mounted remotely from the lamp making the complete install simple, quick and near fail-safe. Lamp holding and locating mechanisms simplify lamp positioning and securing.

The UV-C energy delivered by the RLM S/S Kit can reduce system maintenance costs and downtime, energy use and airborne levels of noxious and infectious microorganisms, thus helping to improve overall indoor air quality. Since poor IAQ is linked to higher absenteeism, employee turnover and a loss of productivity, the use of UV-C can greatly improve operational efficiencies.


Other benefits include:
•Remote power supply. Installers can locate the RLM S/S Kit’s 120-277, UL Listed, fully PnP power supplies remotely.
•Flexible lamp sizes: Standard output lamps are available in 12”, 17”, 22” and 33-inch lengths
•A heavy-gauge galvanized steel and NEMA-rated power supply housing.
•The state-of-the-art CU2™ sensor provides visual LED and analog output methods of verifying lamp and ballast on/off operation.
•Worldwide availability of name-brand replacement lamps and power supplies.
•A five-year power supply warranty.
•A one-year lamp warranty.

“The concept of the RLM S/S was fueled by a growing demand for a UV-C system that provides the versatility to accommodate small HVAC systems that can be more susceptible to microbial growth and difficult to maintain,” says Jones. “Whether your application is coil irradiation, killing pathogenic microorganisms or extending HVAC system life, the RLM S/S combines the best UV-C components in a simple and flexible system that features the industry’s lowest cost of ownership — making it the best value on the market.”

For more information, call 877-884-4822; or visit https://www.UVResources.com.

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