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Trane Introduces New Wellsphere™ Digital Indoor Environmental Quality Management Solutions for Smarter, Healthier Spaces.

Indoor air quality dashboard with real-time data and insights helps building owners monitor, manage and improve the health and efficiency of indoor spaces.


IEQ remains a primary concern as people return to offices, restaurants, shopping, and travel and entertainment. Building owners and facility managers are increasingly looking for solutions that help them continuously monitor and verify the status of their indoor spaces to maintain healthy environments.

As an extension to Wellsphere™, Trane’s holistic approach to creating healthier buildings, the new offerings bring together Trane’s exclusive Indoor Air Quality Assessment services, remote monitoring services, and integrated controls and sensors to diagnose building performance issues; prescribe optimal air quality and efficiency solutions; and automatically adjust HVAC systems based on real-time air quality indicators.

Trane, a leader in creating digitally connected buildings through high-performance building controls, is enabling customers to use data and intelligent analytics to make safe and comfortable spaces for occupants. Building managers can maintain optimal IEQ parameters tied to air quality and thermal comfort without compromising building efficiency and sustainability goals.

Wellsphere™ addresses the four elements of indoor environmental quality (IEQ).


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