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Greenheck Introduces Tornado Dampers.

Heavy duty Greenheck tornado dampers are double flanged channel frame style backdraft dampers designed to protect against tornados and rapid pressure changes.
Greenheck Introduces Tornado Dampers
Installed in ductwork, or wall mounted, near the exterior of a building, Greenheck tornado dampers allow for air movement (intake or exhaust) during normal weather conditions. If a tornado passes near the building, the negative pressure caused by the tornado will cause the damper to close and prevent the collapse of the ductwork. Once the tornado has passed and the pressure equalizes, the spring-loaded blades will return the damper to its open position and revert back to normal ventilation. Model HTOD-330 will close in the same direction as normal flow and Model HTOD-331 will close in the opposite direction as normal flow.

Greenheck, the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement and control equipment, offers the most UL certified dampers and the largest selection of AMCA licensed dampers in the industry.

Greenheck offers a complete and comprehensive line of damper products for fire and smoke control in life safety systems and for airflow control in commercial HVAC and industrial systems.

Greenheck's on-site damper testing laboratories have established the company as the industry leader for testing the latest version of AMCA, ANSI, ASHRAE, UL and other industry standards of performance.

Quick DeliveryQuick Delivery Catalog

Greenheck's Quick Delivery Program includes the industry's most complete selection of air moving products and accessories.


Greenheck provides the shortest possible delivery times on a wide selection of in-stock products. When your order is received by 2 pm (Central Time), we will ship the same day from the closest of our five strategically located U.S. distribution centers. If your order reaches us after 2 pm, we'll ship the next day. That usually means one or two day deliveries to most locations.

Quick Build

If the product you need is not in stock, and you still need it fast, Greenheck also boasts the most comprehensive line of quick build products around with 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15 day quick build cycles available. Greenheck's main manufacturing plant in Schofield, Wisconsin produces all commercial fan and ventilator products, centrifugal and industrial fans, kitchen ventilation systems, make-up air equipment, energy recovery ventilators, dampers, and louvers. Greenheck's regional manufacturing plant in Sacramento, CA manufactures roof curbs, dampers, and louvers. Our Frankfort, KY facility produces dampers and louvers.

To obtain more information about Greenheck;
  1. Request information via e-mail
  2. Contact your local Greenheck Representative
  3. Phone us at (715) 359-6171 or fax us at (715) 355-2399
  4. Visit our website at www.greenheck.com


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