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Metropac Industries
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Now In Stock at Metropac: 
Johnson Controls System 450 Modular Electronic Controls

The System 450™ Series Modular Controls are the next generation of Johnson Controls/PENN® digital electronic control, expansion, and power modules designed to provide accurate, cost-effective, compact, custom control systems for a wide variety of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration (HVACR) and commercial/industrial process applications.System 450 Control System with Control, Power, and Expansion Modules

The System 450 control system is designed to replace System 350™ control system and System 27 and provide many additional features and benefits with less than a dozen model variations.

All System 450 modules are multipurpose and field configurable out-of-the-box; each module is designed for use in temperature, pressure, and humidity systems. In fact, a System 450 control system can be easily assembled and configured to monitor and control temperature, pressure, and humidity simultaneously.

A single System 450 control module can be set up as a stand-alone control or connected to expansion modules to control up to 10 outputs based on the input from up to 3 control sensors. A control system’s outputs can be relay outputs (On/Off), analog outputs (0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA), or any combination of relay and analog outputs.

  • Durable, compact modular design with plug-together connectors and DIN rail or direct wall mount capability – eliminates field wiring between modules and allows you to quickly and easily assemble, install, and upgrade your System 450 control systems.
  • Multi-purpose, field-configurable modules designed for global use – enable you to design and configure a wide variety of custom control systems capable of controlling temperature, pressure and humidity (simultaneously), with only a handful of models.
  • Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and four-button touch pad User Interface (UI) – provides quick, clear, visual status of the control system’s input sensors and outputs with the touch of a button and enable you to quickly and easily set up and adjust the sensors and outputs in the field.
  • Up to three input sensors and up to ten outputs (relay or analog) – allow you to build both simple and complex application specific control systems and reduce your costs to only the required components.
  • Versatile, all-in-one, stand-alone control modules – provide multipurpose On/Off or analog controls (depending on the model) that are temperature, pressure, and humidity capable out-of-the-box and field configurable to replace a wide variety of HVACR controls.
  • An extensive suite of compatible temperature, pressure, and humidity control sensors – cover a wide range of temperature, pressure (air and refrigerant), and humidity conditions in standard units of measurement for global markets


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Metropac 10 Annette Road Foxboro Ma  02035  
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