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Si-CA Combustion Gas Analyzers.


Features That Make Sense

Si-CA Combustion Gas Analyzers


It can be incredibly frustrating to be at a jobsite and when you least expect it get a
"sensor error" message!
After you look up and scream "Why today?" you realize
this is a much bigger inconvenience. Now you have to worry about how:

  • You can't perform a combustion analysis test until this is fixed

  • Now your hours at this jobsite aren't billable as you can't finish maintenance

  • You now have to send your analyzer in for calibration

  • Or wait to receive the new sensor and install it yourself

Frustrated man













That situation there ☝️ that won't happen with a Sauermann Si-CA combustion
gas analyzer.

We have incorporated another feature that contractors and heating engineers have
been asking for from our industry.

The Sauermann Solution

Power indicator

Minimize unscheduled downtime. Sensor life indicator screen tells you how much sensor life you have left. Never be surprised again by a sensor that has reached the
end of its life 🪦

The intelligent software in the Si-CA analyzers are programmed to display a notification when it is getting close to replace your sensor(s)! It will let you know which gas sensor needs to be changed out so that you can order accordingly. No more wasted time
and lost profitability!

Si-CA 030 combustion gas analyzer Si-CA 130 combustion gas analyzer Si-CA 230 industrial emissions analyzer
Si-CA 030
All the essentials for combustion gas analysis

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Si-CA 130
Versatile analyzer with touch-screen display

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Si-CA 230
State-of-the-art, industrial emissions analyzer

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Do more with the Sauermann Combustion app

  • Remote control of analyzer functions
  • Combustion data bases for all customers
  • Customers can sign off on the combustion report right on the app
  • Firmware updates done over the app​
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