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RenewAire Introduces the DN Series of Non-Compressorized DOAS with ERV.
DN Series is a flexible, modular, configurable DOAS with mix-and-match components featuring RenewAire’s proprietary static plate core ERV.

RenewAire®, a leading manufacturer of HVAC and IAQ products, has introduced the DN Series, a non-compressorized, fully-integrated dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) using state-of-the-art energy recovery ventilation (ERV) with static plate enthalpy core technology. The DN Series is designed for sensible and latent load management that can reduce air conditioning equipment tonnage by up to 25-percent in healthcare, educational, multi-family and other commercial building applications.

The DN Series offers engineers and contractors a flexible, modular and configurable DOAS. Configurations can mix-and-match any combinations of a variety of cooling coil methods, hot gas reheat module, gas or electric heating sections and fan strategies. Besides a traditional draw-through airflow configuration, engineers also have the option of a plenum fan blow-through that provides a better cross-sectional air delivery and up to 95-percent coil coverage.

The DN Series is available in a DN-2 (375 to 1,650-CFM), DN-3 (750 to 3,300-CFM) and DN-5 (1,125 to 4,950-CFM) enthalpy core array models for both indoor mechanical room or rooftop locations. Cabinets are available in one-inch-thick R-6 or two-inch-thick, thermal break R-14 foam insulated double walls constructed of sturdy 20-ga. galvanized steel rated for 1,000-hour salt spray protection or with a 2,500-hour option.

RenewAire’s proprietary static plate core is its competitive edge. It boasts a near-zero exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR), the lowest in the HVAC industry, without requiring energy-intensive purge cycles. With no moving parts, the failsafe static plate dehumidifies more efficiently versus an enthalpy wheel, which requires parasitic power for motorized rotation. While wheel technology inherently suffers maintenance and reliability costs, RenewAire’s static plate boasts the HVAC industry’s best uptime performance that’s backed by a 10-year product warranty. Additionally the DN Series also carries a performance warranty that guarantees the original operating specifications for 10 years without any degradation.

The DN Series’ integrated, programmable controller is preset and programmed by factory engineers to the consulting engineer’s operational specifications. The “plug-and-play” unit requires only connection to facility power and the building automation system (BAS), which significantly reduces contractor installation time and eliminates jobsite programming errors. Its BACnet or Modbus platform allows great flexibility in controlling operational effectiveness and user activity indoors through any combination of RenewAire’s temperature, humidity, occupancy, static pressure, fire/safety, CO2 and IAQ sensor accessory options.

The DN-Series’ is certified under AHRI-1060 and fulfills requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). It can also add to a project’s LEED® credits as well as qualify for WELL Certified® and WELL Compliant® standards.

The DN Series uses cutting-edge components, such as electronically commutated (EC) motors, direct drive fans and optional variable frequency drives (VFD).

Other DN Series features are:

• A self-contained, modulating hot gas reheat option that is DDC-controlled;

• Compatible with almost any imaginable primary HVAC application, such as direct expansion (DX), chilled water or heat pump for the cooling coil; and electric (SCR), indirect gas furnace (5:1, 10:1 modulation), hot water, heat pump, or steam for the heating section;

• Negates the need for defrost cycling under normal operating conditions, however a defrost mode is available for extreme combinations of high indoor humidity and low outdoor ambient temperatures;

• Rooftop units available with a factory-supplied curb;

• Includes AMCA Class 1 (low leakage) internal enthalpy bypass damper and an unoccupied recirculation damper;

• Includes standard 2-inch MERV 8 filters, however MERV 13, MERV 14 and 4-inch filters are optional;

• Tested under UL 723 Standard for Surface Burning Characteristics for Building Materials; and UL 1812 Standard for Ducted Heat Recovery Systems.

For more information, please visit www.renewaire.com.


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