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Tankless WiFi Adapter from Noritz Offers Flexible Installation, Simple Usage.
Installable both indoors and outdoors, the new Noritz Connect WiFi Adapter and app provide only the relevant data that homeowners need.

The weather-resistant, Noritz Connect WiFi Adapter offers homeowners flexibility of installation and a simple, user-relevant interface with their Noritz tankless water heaters. Used in conjunction with the downloadable Noritz Connect application, the adapter allows for the monitoring and adjustment of most current Noritz models. (Note: The adapter and app are not compatible with NRCP or CB models.)

“Instead of overwhelming the user with stockpiles of technical data, we have aimed to create an app that provides only the basics that homeowners care about in a user-friendly menu,” explains Jason Fleming, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Noritz. “The result is that our app is not glitchy and cumbersome like others on the market and can be relied upon to function properly each and every time.”

The adapter, which operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency band and plugs easily into a connection port on the unit, is the only one on the market that can be installed both indoors or outdoors. The unit can be extended up to 300 feet by splicing the cord and using 18-gauge wire to extend it to the appropriate length. A status LED readout on the front cover indicates current system status.

After downloading the Noritz Connect app onto their wireless devices, homeowners can take advantage of various remote capabilities, including:

•turning the tankless water heater on and off;

•viewing and adjusting the setpoint temperature;

•checking for error codes;

•monitoring energy usage through various indicators: burn time, total plug-in time, total combustion time, and total water and gas usage;

•detecting scale buildup (available on models with built-in, scale-detection software);

•adding multiple heaters to the same WiFi account (note only one WiFi adapter per heater).

"Connecting to the “Internet of Things”

By offering only user-relevant data in a clean, easy-to-read format, Noritz Connect can be used quickly and simply by anyone, without a learning curve, joining the growing number of wireless, in-home technologies.

“For many homeowners, being interconnected with home appliances and technologies has become a need, rather than a want,” explains Fleming. “Noritz Connect extends that connectivity to tankless water heaters, bringing the smart home of tomorrow that much closer.”

With an MSRP of $239, the Noritz Connect WiFi Adapter is now available for shipment to Noritz distributors. The app can be downloaded for free on iOS® and will be available soon on Google Play®. Users can register and connect their heaters either manually or via QR code entry.

For more information, please visit wifi.noritz.com.

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