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New LUX PS2100 WiFi Thermostat.

Available in March, this is the first WIFI thermostat that can be set-up entirely via the LUX mobile app – no WiFi connection needed. Contractors have a special app that will walk them through a step-by-step set-up process right on the job. The LUX Pro Services App is the easy to use tool that provides the pro with the features that matter.

The LUX Pro Services App connects the contractor to the PS2100 and also provides access to “pro features” built into the product. Contractors set up and test the thermostat along with the HVAC system all without any internet connection. Upon completion, the contractor’s job is done as the thermostat is now fully operational and verified. At the end of the process, an automated email is sent to the homeowner highlighting the work the contractor performed and detailed instructions on how to connect the thermostat to the internet. This innovative, step-by-step set-up process is patent pending.

“We are excited to introduce the PS2100 at AHR Expo,” said Rob Munin, General Manager Thermostats at Johnson Controls Inc. and former CEO of LUX Products. “The product’s design and price is meant to attract homeowners who might be overwhelmed by the look and feel and higher price of today’s smart thermostats. We think it fills a gap for the contractor in their product offerings.”
PS2100 is one of the most affordable WiFi thermostats but still maintains all the great features that LUX has pioneered. PS2100 comes equipped with all the features LUX users have come to enjoy including Home Away & Aware, smart scheduling, personalized settings and access to the LUX mobile app where they can find information about money savings, air quality and wellness & sleep quality. The PS2100 is also compatible with all three popular voice assistants. The thermostat comes with a five-year warranty. The PS2100 can be powered by c-wire and works with any 4-wire system without a c-wire via the LUX Power Bridge (sold separately).

For more information on LUX smart thermostats, visit Pro.LuxProducts.coms.


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