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Learn more about how Krueger's electronic selection programs and calculators can assist you in the selection of air distribution products.

Krueger Flyer K-Select and K-HIT Selection Software


K-Select Selection Software

Selection for Grilles, Registers, Diffusers, Terminal Units & Fan Coils.

K-Select provides you with a terminal and GRD selection program that incorporates powerful engineering tools to provide a design reference that can save significant time in the design of a building's HVAC system.

Grilles, Registers, & Diffusers
•Select by calculating performance at the required design point.
•Select by the room's design using ADPI.
•Select by ADPI selection at a CFM performance point based off a given room area, cooling delta-T, and characteristic length.

Terminal Units
•Redesigned user interface.
•Global change feature to update all selections with one click.
•Auto sizing option displays multiple size options per selection.
•“Save and New” button added to quickly add next selection.
•Master defaults can be saved to specific options for future projects.
•MCA and MOP added to schedule.
•New sortable schedule feature.
•Improved export to EXCEL
•Internet update feature to easily upgrade program.
•Updated Sound data to comply with new AHRI 880-11 end reflection requirements.
•Updated liner options on all models.
•Radiated and Discharge Sound Power by Octave Band.
•Acoustic calculator (based upon ARI's standard 885-98).
•Minimum static pressure caused by the VAV unit (Min. delta-Ps = box with damper @ full open Ps + coil Ps) at design CFM.
•Static pressure drop across VAV box (delta-Ps = inlet Ps - downstream Ps - coil Ps) Hot Water Coil selection and performance information.
•Electric Heat selection and performance information.

Fan Coils
•Auto sizing option displays multiple size options per selection.
•Same screen for displaying both cooling and heating.
•Select based on total capacity or leaving air temperature.
•Fluid flow or leaving water temperature can be selected to determine capacity.
•2-pipe system selection allows for change over or chilled/hot water only configuration.
•Detailed warnings for selections that may exceed desired performance.

Reports & Printouts
•NC (noise criteria) based off room absorption of 10 dB, re 10-12 watts.
•Neck velocity and total pressure at a given CFM.
•ADPI values at any given performance point that results in an ADPI greater than 70. Throw at any required terminal velocity.

K-Select can also save your product selections to a schedule, which can be exported directly to project documents. Also, all published information in the Krueger Catalog can be accessed from the K-Select program providing that the catalog part of the installation is performed. This includes catalog pages, extended range performance data, suggested specifications and much more.

For engineers that already have the previous version installed (K-Select 11.0), performing an update from within the program will upgrade the software to version 12.0. Alternatively, for those that want to begin using it, we have the download on our website at http://www.krueger-hvac.com/.

About Krueger-HVAC
Krueger-HVAC is a leading manufacturer of air distribution solutions for commercial and industrial applications, including grilles, registers, diffusers, terminal units, fan coils, underfloor products, critical room products, fan filter units, displacement ventilation, as well as chilled beams. Krueger-HVAC is a division of Air System Components, Inc. (ASC). ASC is a subsidiary of Air Distribution Technologies, Inc. For more information about Krueger-HVAC air distribution solutions or to obtain a copy of Krueger’s Product Catalog, visit http://www.krueger-hvac.com.


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