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SEMCO Introduces Aluminum Desiccant Wheel Drop-In Cassette for ERV Retrofits.

Unitary Wheel Cassette is designed as the HVAC industry's first drop-in replacement for polymer desiccant wheels in most ERV brands.

SEMCO® LLC, Columbia, Mo., an energy-efficient HVAC equipment and IAQ technology leader, introduces the Unitary Wheel Cassette (UWC) Series, a sensible and latent energy recovery aluminum desiccant wheel. The UWC Series is designed and packaged as the HVAC industry's first drop-in replacement for polymer desiccant wheels in most unitary ERV brands.

The UWC Series' 3-3/4-inch-wide (100-mm) wheels feature a fast-acting, corrosion-resistant, proprietary desiccant that's applied to a sturdy, but lightweight all-aluminum wheel substrate. The honeycomb matrix's fluted opening design efficiently produces maximum latent and sensible air-to-air heat transfer, but generates up to 50-percent less HVAC system static pressure than polymer film wheels.

Besides assisting buildings in surpassing ASHRAE 90.1 building energy compliancy, the aluminum wheels also have longer lifecycles and vastly less periodic maintenance requirements than polymer wheels and can withstand temperatures of up to 180°F.
The UWC Series offers nine wheel diameters of 30 (762), 36 (914), 41 (1041), 46 (1168), 52 (1320), 58 (1473), 64 (1625), 68 (1727) and 74-inches (1879-mm).

All UWC Series models come fully-assembled and packaged as plug-and-play cassettes that include the industrial-duty inverter motor, corrosion-resistant rotor, and industrial-grade link drive belt. Replacement time is typically less than 1/2 hour.
Other UWC Series benefits are:

• Temperature differential between wet bulb/dry bulb exhaust and supply can be up to 75-percent efficient;

• Also an ideal OEM market product for most unitary ERV brands;

• controls are compatible with building automation systems (BAS) and most unitary brand on-board controls;

• optional surface coatings include anti-microbial, anti-corrosion or anti-stick treatments;

• Sizes and dimensions are compatible with most ERV brands such as AAON, Valent, Greenheck, ClimateMaster, Lennox, Daikin, Trane and other major manufacturers;

• Models 52-inches and larger are lighter and easier to handle than same-size polymer wheels that require substantially more heavy-duty, integral support network;

• Minimal leakage and air bypass due to high quality perimeter brush and face contact seals;

• and successfully beta site-tested for two years;

Owners Manual

The NFPA 90A-certified, UL 900-tested UWC is designed and manufactured in-house by SEMCO to maintain the highest quality control.

For more information on SEMCO's desiccant wheels, chilled beams and ERV products, please visit www.semcohvac.com; email sales.semco@flaktwoods.com; or call 1-573-443-1481.


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