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Grundfos Expands Intelligent, Integrated Variable Speed Motor Control for HVAC/R Pumping Systems Up to 30 HP

Encouraging contractors, engineers and building owners to “Demand More from Your Building," Grundfos adds integrated pump motor and variable frequency drive to significantly reduce power consumption and better match demand in high-performance commercial building applications.

The 2014 AHR Expo sets the scene for Grundfos to introduce its broadly expanded line of fully integrated, intelligent pumping systems. Ideally suited for new commercial HVAC/R applications and deep retrofits, the line now features the MLE variable speed motor in ranges from 3 to 30 horsepower (HP) for building services.


The Grundfos MLE variable speed motor is now available in many fully integrated, intelligent pumping systems ideally suited for commercial HVAC/R applications in ranges from 3 to 30 HP.


In all, the company will make the unified MLE motor and variable frequency drive (VFD) available in multiple models, ranging from end-suction to inline to split-case pumping solutions.

For decades, Grundfos has manufactured its own MLE motors to match its energy optimized, high performing pumps. Now Grundfos is expanding that effort to include motors sizes that are well suited to HVAC/R applications.

These advanced Grundfos products provide a systems approach, which, through intelligent technology, adapts precisely to current demand to deliver performance, energy efficiency and reliability. The integrated, energy‐optimized MLE system consists of a sensor, system controller, VFD drive and standard asynchronous motor all in one.

“It’s time to demand more from your building,” said Dennis Wierzbicki, president of Grundfos U.S. Sales. “Our expanded integrated pump systems help building managers do just that by providing a state-of-the-art system approach that increases system efficiency performance while reducing energy and life cycle costs.The intelligent MLE motor system greatly simplifies pump commissioning and startup for each of the models where it is offered. As a pioneer of innovative pumping solutions, Grundfos is dedicated to developing the highest quality pumps and pumping systems while at the same time contributing to a better quality of life and a healthier environment.”

Efficiency and Sustainability
Grundfos constantly strives to make its pumps even more efficient and energy saving. Using state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge design, as demonstrated in the MLE design, Grundfos pumping solutions meet − and often surpass − virtually all customer requirements for efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

“Today’s pumps need to be smart,” said Steve Schmitz, Grundfos director of business development for Commercial Building Systems. “The key to maximum performance efficiency is widely recognized as optimising the whole building system with intelligent pumps. Over half of the buildings that will exist in 2050 are already here, and the new Grundfos intelligent system solutions pumps meet that urgent need today.”

All parts of Grundfos systems solutions are specifically developed to guarantee reliable functionality, communication and adaptability specific to system demands. This, in turn, drives down the total cost of the pump system, while increasing efficient performance.

Visit Booth #1531 to see these and other Grundfos products.



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