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General Filters Launches New GeneralAire® Model 4400A
Fan-Assist Evaporative Humidifier.

General Filters, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of our new GeneralAire® model 4400A fan-assist evaporative humidifier.
Offering 19 gallons per day, this humidifier features a space-saving innovative patented design that completes the GeneralAire® line of low-profile humidifiers. At only 6.75” off-plenum, the depth of the unit is approximately 35% less than traditional fan-assist humidifiers, making it ideal for the tightest installation spaces.

Suitable for homes of up to 4,400 square feet, the 4400A features a heavy-duty, UV stable lift-off cover that reveals a hinged door for easy access to the vapor pad®. The door can be removed for ease of installation.

An ultra-quiet crossflow fan measures at only 48 dB while efficiently pushing air through the vapor pad® for maximum humidity output.
The 4400A also features a stainless-steel water distribution tube for hot water service, also increasing output.

Additional highlights include a removable drain spout for cleaning, a safety switch that removes power to the unit when the door is opened, a fan safety shield, and an automatic digital control that can also operate in manual mode.

The 4400A replaces the 1000 Series GeneralAire® fan-assist humidifier, while the 1137 will continue to be manufactured by GeneralAire®.

High GPD performance, incredible ease of installation, and simple maintenance are achieved by this space-saving revolutionary design.

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For additional information on the GeneralAire® model 4400A fan-assist evaporative humidifier visit GeneralFilters.com

About General Filters, Inc.
Founded in 1937, General Filters, Inc. professional experience spans three generations. Manufacturers of whole house residential indoor air quality (IAQ) products (humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, and UV air purifiers) and residential heating fuel oil filters, General Filters’ brands include GeneralAire®, Second Wind™ (IAQ), Gar-Ber, Unifilter®, and General (Oil). With a manufacturing plant in Novi, MI and offices in Canada, products can be purchased from wholesaler and contractor customers across North America. Visit: www.generalfilters.com for more information.

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