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DuctSox is the first fabric duct manufacturer offering recycled fabric options!

DuctSox, a leading fabric HVAC duct systems manufacturer, now offers the HVAC industry's first fabric duct constructed of recycled materials for LEED certification and other sustainable and environmentally-conscious commercial building applications.

Sedona-Xm™ & Coronado™:  
Now with 55% Recycled Content!

DuctSox now has fabrics with recycled content! Both our Sedona-Xm and Coronado fabrics are made with 55% recycled content (80% post industrial and 20% post consumer). We are the first fabric duct manufacturer offering recycled fabric options. Our new and improved Sedona-Xm and Coronado are great options to have in today’s environmentally-conscious society, and one that should be specified on your next GREEN project!

Other GREEN Benefits of Fabric Duct
The concept of using fabric ductwork instead of metal ductwork for air dispersion offers many sustainable benefits besides cost. DuctSox are 100% custom made to fit your project, meaning no excess fabric and minimal waste. This may help with Materials and Resources Credit 2, Construction Waste Management. 
Environmental Benefits
  • Improved Air Quality: Better air dispersion which results in more effective air distribution
  • Reduced Solid Waste: Less packaging, minimum jobsite waste
  • Conserved Resources: Reduced material use, less energy to ship, less labor and resources required to install
Economic Benefits
  • Lower Construction Costs: Lower equipment costs, reduced installation costs, structural (lightweight)
  • Lower Operating Costs: Increased efficiency of air delivery, reduced maintenance costs, no painting
  • Improved Productivity: Better airflow increases comfort, more aesthetically pleasing
Health and Community Benefits
  • Comfortable Environment: Quiet air delivery and even air dispersion, better ventilation effectiveness
  • Healthy Environment: Cleaner distribution systems, launderable, no mold, no condensation


DuctSox fabric air dispersion products are the innovative alternative to metal ductwork in open ceiling architecture applications. DuctSox products have been manufactured in Dubuque, IA since the early 1980's, however, to better support our global customer base, we have recently added a production facility in Kunshan China. www.ductsox.com


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