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VRV meets VAV with the New DZK (Daikin Zoning Kit).

Daikin is pleased to introduce the new DZK, offering multi-zone temperature control similar to VAV (Variable Air Volume), but with the exceptional efficiencies of Daikin VRV or SkyAir.

The DZK allows multiple individually-controlled zones to be served by one indoor unit fan coil (FXMQ_P for VRV, and FBQ_P for SkyAir). As a result, significant equipment and installation cost savings can be realized, while improving flexibility to address individual comfort needs. Ideal for both residential and commercial use, up to 6 separate ducts supply variable conditioned air to their zones in response to individual wireless zone thermostats. The DZK integrates seamlessly with indoor fan coils for cooling only, heat pump and heat recovery systems, and can also control supplemental electric heat in stages.

Advantages of the DZK Zoning Kit

  • Reduces system hardware cost - use fewer Indoor units to serve more zones
  • Increases comfort levels by allowing more individual zone control
  • Reduces installation expense and maintenance costs
  • Reduces the amount of refrigerant required in the installation

The DZK Zoning Kit controls all functions of the Indoor unit, including:

  • Status - On / Off
  • Operating Mode - Stop, Ventilation, Cooling, Heating, or Dry Mode
  • Fan Speed - Option, speed depends upon damper positions
  • Setpoint Temperature - Based on overall demand of the DZK zone thermostats

The DZK includes an air distribution plenum with motorized modulating zone dampers, main thermostat and wireless zone thermostats, and comes complete with all controls required for a complete installation. The DZK will be available for shipment February 7, 2014. Product information is available now through www.daikinac.com.




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