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The ComforTune system is available to licensed contractors direct from the factory located in Cleveland, Ohio.

ComforTune offers technical and marketing support to all dealers to ensure comprehensive success with the product. Please ask about available marketing programs or contact us directly for any installation or troubleshooting needs.

To request a quote, please contact us or call us directly at 216-292-7350.



The only motor failure solution that lets you control airflow.

The ComforTune System is a flexible, lower cost option for both PSC and ECM motor* failures and is the only solution that features a ECM replacement with an airflow control which allows for enhanced comfort, improved IAQ, better energy efficiency and proper static pressure.

With the ComforTune System, you can:

  • Increase revenue by offering clients a cost-saving upgrade.
  • Reduce motor inventory, two motors cover most applications.

  • Enjoy additional profits with little labor or cost investment

  • Increase customer loyalty

The ComforTune System gives you an “better” option to offer homeowners looking to replace a failed PSC motor or those looking to upgrade their system on a budget. The ComforTune is the only solution that offers the option of customizing airflow to match your customer’s comfort, energy and indoor air quality needs. Additionally, the ComforTune costs less to operate than a PSC motor an has a constant low speed FAN option like a high efficiency replacement system, providing constant comfort and savings to your customer.
Click here to find all the applications for a ComforTune System.

ComforTune combines the affordability of PSC motor replacement with features and benefits found only in premium heating and cooling systems. Enhanced control of the system’s airflow sets it apart from other motor replacement options currently in the marketplace. When your customer faces a blower motor failure, you can now offer a more affordable solution, that still gives them high-end performance.

Earn cash for every offer and install!

ComforTune Systems wants to reward your tec
hnicians for making the ComforTune offer on their next service call. Technicians can earn CASH for each homeowner and each install!

For each comfort option sheet your technician turns in with a homeowner signature, they will earn $2. For every completed install, your technician earns $50 directly from ComforTune.
Click here for more information on the cash for customers program.

Boost your leads!
ComforTune offers a extensive marketing program along with selling resources. For more information on our direct mail program and other marketing, please click here.

Full Technical Support:
ComforTune offers complete technical assistance to get you started and on-the job support. Click here for the full installation manual or here for our other technical resources.

*The ComforTune System is a affordable replacement for units with ECM motors with simplified control boards. Call ComforTune for ECM replacement application details at 216-292-7350.

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