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Bell & Gossett expands capabilities of energy-efficient air and sediment separator
New CSR removes 100% of air impurities in hydronic HVAC system; now built in U.S.A!

Coalescing Removal Separators CRS

The Bell & Gossett CRS coalescing-style air and sediment separator is available for use in any HVAC system. Its internal coalescing media helps break entrained air and suspended solids out of your system fluid. The CRS efficiently removes these contaminants, therefore improving heat transfer capabilities. This results in lower energy costs while protecting pumps, boilers and other components, and extending the life of your system. With its wide variety of sizes, connections and configurations, the Bell & Gossett CRS is a great solution for any HVAC application. 

CRS separators are available in a number of models to best fit your system requirements. Models are available for air-only, sediment-only, and air/sediment combo separation, with options for removable or non-removable coalescing media, and for standard or high velocities. All CRS models are designed, constructed, inspected, and stamped per Section VIII, Division 1 of the ASME code for 150 psi (1,034 kPa) maximum working pressure and 450F (232C) maximum working temperature. Higher pressures and temperatures are available upon request. Models are available in sizes 2″ through 36″ with NPT (2″ 4″ only), flange, or groove end connections.

CRS Mag  For additional protection against ferrous sediment, the CRS is available with an optional magnetic insert. Comprised of neodymium 45H magnets with a strength of 13,550 Gauss, the magnetic rod helps remove metallic sediment that can pose a serious threat to modern system components. The insert can be easily moved from its position inside the separator to facilitate blow down and sediment removal.


  • Improved system efficiency:
    • Lowers energy costs and improves comfort by removing poor heat transfer media like air and sediment from system fluid


  • Removal of system impurities:
    • Removes up to 100% of free air and 100% of entrained air from your hydronic system
    • Removes sediment to 30 μm within 100 passes


  • Prolonged system performance:
    • Improves and extends the life of your system components
    • Withstands system operating conditions to provide long life expectancy, thanks to a robust design with stainless steel coalescing media


  • Expanded capabilities:
  • Air and sediment combo
  • Air only
  • Sediment only
  • Standard velocity
  • High velocity
  • Removable coalescing media


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