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Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor ™ 
Designed to determine the specific height of a fork truck’s forks.

The Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor™ HS-1C is designed to determine the specific height of a fork truck’s forks when performing picking or put away of a pallet in a rack storage area.  The Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor™ is capable of:Lift Height Sensor for fork trucks
  • Determining 2 to 8 rack levels
  • Height levels ranging from zero to a maximum of 30 feet from the floor
    (Zero level indicates floor storage position)
  • Accuracy of better then +/- 2” throughout its range
  • Providing a stable mast height determination within one second at any time

Lift Height Sensor Technology
The Sky-Trax Height Sensor™ HS-1C operates from a 24 VDC supply provided separately and will require no more that 1 Watt from the power source. An optional USB interface module and software can be provided to capture the lift height data on any computer running the MS-Windows XP or Vista operating system.

The optional USB user interface can be used for configuring and defining the Height Sensor to all system definable parameters. The configuration interface will permit the user to calibrate the Height Sensor to engineering units of meters or feet and will continuously display the current height of the forks in both engineering units and the discrete rack level associated with the height. The configuration user interface enables the user to establish the height sensor threshold values defining the application rack levels.

For more information about the product or to make a purchase, please contact your Sky-Trax Representative at: 866-927-4927

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  • Continuous measurement of the current height of forks on any forklift truck for on-board data collection, inventory management and other automation systems
  • Stable mast height determination within one second at any time


  • Rang of accuracy better then +/- 2” throughout detection range
  • Low power consumption
  • CE certified
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