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Break Through Technology to Turn Your A/C into a Dehumidifier.

Dehumidification Bypass Air System (DBAS)

InnoTek Air is introducing a revolutionary product that enables HVAC Contractors to turn a Central Air Conditioner into a dehumidifier while retaining the cooling properties of the A/C.


Excess humidity is the primary enemy of comfort in your home OR COMMERCIAL SPACE. It can also cause significant damage.

A/Cs alone do not deliver the dehumidification required for true comfort, but with DBAS, they now can.

The DBAS is a kit added to your Central A/C. When dehumidification is needed, the DBAS Ė A/C system prioritizes dehumidification resulting in a highly effective dehumidifier. Using an adaptive algorithm, the DBAS controller gradually accommodates the cooling load.

DBAS Benefits
Synergizes with your AC to deliver cool, dry air instead of cold, wet air.

It greatly ENHANCES the A/Cís dehumidification performance in all North American climate zones.

The DBAS boosts an A/Cís or heat pumpís dehumidification performance up to a factor of 5 by:

Greatly reducing the amount of time the AC starts dehumidifying.
Reaching a lower dewpoint.
Changing sensible energy to latent energy.

How Does It Work?
The DBAS consists of a modulating bypass fan, a motorized damper, a transformer, and the Dehumidification Bypass Air Controller (DBAC).

The system is attached directly to a SINGLE OR 2-STAGE split-type cooling system parallel to the cooling coil.

The DBAS diverts and BYPASSES the air around the cooling coil so that the coilís operating temperature drops SIGNIFICANTLY. The air rejoins the bypassed air and leaves dry and cool air instead of cold and wet air.

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