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New nonfiction book reveals 101 comical stories in HVAC field.
101 Ways to Suck as an HVAC Technician by R.J. Schuster points out laughs and lessons learned from mistakes and mishaps on the job.

HIGHLAND, N.Y. –101 Ways to Suck as an HVAC Technician by R.J. Schuster attempts to show the humorous side of a very technical field through a comedic collection of short stories. “As a manager of hundreds of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) techs throughout the years, these stories just had to be told,” says Schuster. “As they say, you just can't make this stuff up.”


Schuster’s tales from 20 years in the HVAC field range from dangerous to silly. Stories cover techs’ unusual uses for duct tape, such as on a broken tree branch to hide a truck collision from a homeowner, a tech cutting a hole in a roof while trying to cut a hole in the ceiling for a duct, and the mistranslation between a tech and a parts department manager, who discovered later that the number in question for a furnace replacement part was actually a zip code. “We all make mistakes, so let’s laugh and learn,” says Schuster.

Schuster hopes readers in the skilled trades, specifically those in the HVAC industry, will find it easy to laugh at 101 Ways to Suck as an HVAC Technician. “It is an oasis in a world of chronically dry, boring and very technical books,” he says. “This is the one of the few books that they will actually want to read.”
About the Author
R.J. Schuster has worked in the HVAC industry all phases of the HVAC industry since 1991 from apprentice to general manager. He has received a variety of certifications in this field and is the author of No Ducks in the Attic and other Basics of HVAC Installation Schuster resides in Highland with his wife and two daughters.

R.J. Schuster 
Email: richardjschuster@gmail.com
Phone: (203) 885-9285


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