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HVAC Smart Chip Labeled Industry Game Changer by HVAC Contractors. 
Guaranteed savings on Cooling of 14.8% and 11.6% on Heating.

The HVAC Smart Chip is a simple retrofit micro processing module that intelligently extends the blower run time to the precise second optimizing the energy already created by the heating or air-conditioning system and efficiently getting it into the home when it is otherwise being wasted in current residential applications.

Most systems are designed for the fan to turn off after 90-120 seconds. This approach is outdated and very inefficient as it is just a simple control and runs the fan for the same length of time after each cycle regardless of the amount of energy that can be harvested across the coil or heat exchanger.

The HVAC Smart Chip intelligently monitors how long the cooling or heating unit has been running and AUTOMATICALLY PROGRAMS the fan to the precise length of time necessary to get all of the hot or cold air that has already been produced by the system into the home where it belongs. As The HVAC Smart Chip repeatedly maximizes energy it allows the internal temperature of the home to maintain much longer subsequently reducing the number of times the HVAC systems cycles on/off each day saving homeowners on their utility bill every single month.

Airconergy offers Contractor Support:
Airconergy has driven the HVAC Smart Chip product directly to contractors by providing technical and marketing support along with a clear understanding of how to provide energy savings for their customers - no matter the size. 

They have partnered with L&H Dynamic Business Solutions, an HVAC consultancy Group to build an intuitive program for contractors to help them achieve financial success with the HVAC Smart Chip.  Contractors are supported through technician training, marketing, PR and educating their customers on energy savings the HVAC Smart Chip provides. 

Thousands of The HVAC Smart Chips have been installed across the country. As we speak, customers are benefiting from the HVAC Smart Chip and business owners are driving serious profits from service and maintenance calls.


  • Micro processor module that monitors system run times for maximum efficiency.

  • Cutting edge technology tested and proven by Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Energy utilities in California with over 20 million customers.

  • Compatible with any manufactured heating or cooling equipment, including Honeywell and Nest.

  • Delivers the energy already created by your system that is ordinarily wasted into homes and buildings!

  • The module knows how long to run the fan additionally to ensure you save money all year long!


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“The HVAC Smart Chip is designed for an easy retrofit, for both residential and commercial HVAC systems saving the customer between 14 to 20% on cooling & heating. The device has been tested on leading manufacturers’ equipment, with energy savings verified by the California Energy Commission. It is a must-have option to save energy and assist business and residential clients as utility rates rise. Its fits perfectly into any contractor’s goal of saving customer’s money, and adding revenue to the bottom line of any contractors business.

The Product can be installed within a few minutes, directly to the Handler, Furnace, and Heat Pumps or even inside the Thermostat. Airconergy is always looking at technology, and have now made the HVAC Smart Chip compatible to be installed with intelligent thermostats such as Nest & Honeywell. With 250,000,000 opportunities in the U.S alone, this is why those contractors with an open ear and open eyes are installing this product daily, and calling it the “Industry Game Changer” - Spencer Freedman, Global Business Development Director.

For more information on the HVAC Smart Chip or to schedule a private webinar contact Airconergy at 877 887 7766 or email info@airconergy.com

About AirConergy, LLC
Airconergy helps people worldwide lessen their heating and cooling costs. Airconergy distributes the HVAC Smart Chip, a simple device designed to for easy retrofit to residential and commercial HVAC systems. This device has been tested on leading manufacturers’ equipment, with energy savings verified by the California Energy Commission.  For more information visit www.hvacsmartchip.com.

Airconergy proudly supports drop4drop through the Save Energy and Save Lives Campaign. Sales of the HVAC Smart Chip fund wells in the developing world, providing clean, fresh water for 2000 people from each well. Learn more at drop4drop.org/.


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