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“Why contractors are calling the HVAC Smart Chip an industry game changer"

For years all kinds of products have come through the post or by fax to contractor’s desks, but this year it seems there is something different. Economists and experts have predicted a growth within the industry from 2013 to 2020 from $17.2bn to $33.2bn

It seems a big part of this growth is in new technology and controls including “smart “ devices and the product that has taken the industry by storm is a microprocessor called the HVAC Smart Chip that can be retro fitted to the majority of residential equipment, Air Handlers, Heat Pumps, Split Systems and Thermostats.

The HVAC Smart Chip microprocessor ™ has been tested by several leading utility companies and validated findings by the Californian Energy Commission to give residential customers energy savings between 15% & 20% on cooling mode and 10%- 14% on heating mode. The HVAC Smart Chip is NOT a time delay, but it is the next evolution of technology engineered as an intelligent piece of software which records the runtime on equipment and extends the fan blower to force through all the cold air or heat formed instead of it dissipating and being lost over time with no benefit to the homeowner.

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Simple 5 minute install www.hvacsmartchip.com

So why is it a game changer? Companies are seeing figures of 3 in 4 homes they attend at present for tune up calls having the HVAC Smart Chip installed as homeowners are looking for ways to save money more than ever before, utility companies are raising rates each year to compensate renewable energy implementation, so when a technician tells the customer would you like to save an additional 15% this summer on your AC the answer is a BIG yes.

The HVAC Smart Chip can be the game changer in your business! Customers are benefiting greatly and because it was you that offered the savings you now have greater loyalty with your customers than ever before, and you as a company are able to drive your business and find supplemental revenue on calls that you would not be able to convert without this product.

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