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Contractor Profits Soar with “Options-Done” Tools; New Website Details How System Works.

It’s been the bane of HVAC, plumbing and electrical work for at least two decades: Technicians pressured into being salespeople, acting outside their comfort zone and contrary to their core values. The industry has invested more than $100 million to get techs to upsell and close on service calls. The result? Technicians have fled in droves, and both contractor costs and consumer prices have risen considerably. It’s a business model that’s impossible to sustain and one that does more harm than good. Thankfully, there’s a new kid in town—The New Flat Rate—with a proven approach that honors both technicians and consumers, making the industry stand up and take notice.

“I realized that consumers were more than willing to buy if contractors could just find a way around high-pressure technician sales tactics,” said Rodney Koop, founder and CEO of The New Flat Rate. “We hung out at big box retail stores for hours watching consumers make purchases quickly and with no apparent stress. What’s more, no employees were attempting to ‘sell’ anything. The stores simply displayed good, better and best options in each product category, and consumers chose for themselves. We set out to replicate that experience.”

The New Flat Rate is a no-pressure, advanced add-on system of menu pricing that does the work for technicians—taking sales talk out of the equation and replacing it with straightforward, tiered options that put the consumer in control—all the while, substantially increasing service call close rates and profits.

“In today’s society, people want choices. They want to pick what they want, not what a salesman sells them. That’s exactly what we’re doing with The New Flat Rate,” said Nathan Copeland, sales manager with Copeland and Son Air Conditioning and Heating Service in Nashville. “After just one year, our average service ticket has gone up 43 percent. We believe 2014 will be our best year ever.”

“Prior to adding The New Flat Rate, our average service ticket was about $427,” said Matthew Thompson, owner of Gold Star Plumbing in Wantagh, New York. “After adding the system, our average ticket skyrocketed to $623. That’s a 46 percent increase. To us, that’s huge.”

What’s more, these companies recouped their investment within two weeks of implementation.

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The New Flat Rate team invested more than $500,000 and two years of nationwide ride-alongs, research and beta testing to develop menu pricing systems for four residential and light commercial contracting markets: HVAC Service & Repair, HVAC Equipment Replacement, Plumbing Service & Repair and Electrical Service & Repair. The menu pricing systems are available in spiral-bound books or on iPads. Customized pricing is developed for individual contractors—from one-man trucks to large companies—based on data the client supplies, like billable hourly rate, materials mark-up and taxes. Once contractors register, they can be up and running within a week.

Each market-specific edition covers hundreds of “menus,” or service and equipment replacement scenarios. Within each menu there are up to five options the consumer can choose: Basic/Band-Aid, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Customer presentation pages contain these tiered options in consumer-friendly language alongside the corresponding prices; technician pages contain the “to-do” list associated with each tier. On a service call, all a tech needs to do is deliver a simple verbal script explaining the basics and let the customer choose the level of service they want. Overwhelmingly, consumers upsell themselves beyond the Basic level.

With established clients in all 50 states and Canada, plus plans to expand overseas, The New Flat Rate has a sizeable base of satisfied and loyal contractors. According to these contractors, techs are happier; consumers are happier; the average service ticket nearly doubles, if not triples; and net profits increase as much as 10 times. Independent third-party case studies and client testimonials confirm that this system reduces technician stress and increases contractor profits.

The New Flat Rate just launched a new website that details how its menu pricing systems work, outlines the tiered options, offers informative and entertaining videos, presents a series of compelling case studies and gives interested contractors an easy way to sign up for a demo. Check it out at www.thenewflatrate.com.

About The New Flat Rate, Inc.
Founded in 2011, The New Flat Rate, Inc. initially targeted the HVAC contractor community with a no-pressure, advanced add-on system of menu pricing. After extensive research and beta testing, the company launched its HVAC Service & Repair Menu Pricing edition. In response to industry demand, the company released three more editions: Plumbing Service & Repair, Electrical Service & Repair and HVAC Equipment Replacement. Each market-specific edition is designed to do the bundling and upselling for technicians by providing hundreds of service, repair and equipment replacement “menus” or scenarios, each with up to five straightforward options consumers can choose. Independent studies and contractor testimonials prove The New Flat Rate improves consumer satisfaction, reduces technician stress and boosts profits. All editions are available in print and digital formats. Visit www.thenewflatrate.com or call 706-259-8892 to learn more.

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