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HVAC Armor Coatings Demonstrates Energy Efficiency Characteristics of Proven HEMPEL Coating at AHR Expo in Dallas on January 28th.

HVAC Armor, an ECM Holding Group portfolio company, that focuses on energy efficiency coatings technologies for HVAC, in partnership with the global chemical coatings giant HEMPEL, will demonstrate findings of their recent innovation in energy efficiency, by quantifying the energy savings benefits of a proven HEMPEL coating at the AHR Expo 2013.

HVAC Armor LLC, the US based energy efficiency technology company, will display their Direct Expansion, Cooling Tower, Cabinet Exterior and Anti-Oil Fouling product lines at the AHR Expo in Dallas this January 28th-30th 2013. AHR 2013 will be the first trade show the company will exhibit at since testing and quantifying the energy efficiency benefits of the DX coating product with multiple corporate customers and a nationally recognized energy laboratory. The coating enhances energy efficiency by reversing the efficiency losses on heat exchanger coils and fins due to corrosion.


HVAC Armor Coatings Demonstrates Energy Efficiency Characteristics of Proven HEMPEL Coating at AHR Expo in Dallas on January 28th.

Prior to HVAC Armor’s testing efforts, the primary use of HEMPEL’s coating technology has been to protect marine infrastructure from harsh environments in the North Sea and Caribbean. Currently, HVAC Armor’s product lines are manufactured by the 80+ Year old global coatings giant HEMPEL USA in Houston Texas. The company says this represents a strategic partnership of a well-established and reputable coatings company paired with energy efficiency technology developers.

"These products were brought to market in response to the increasing demand by Facility Managers and Energy Efficiency Performance Contractors for innovative and cost-effective solutions for facilities to reduce their operating costs, save energy, and extend the useful life and performance of building mechanical equipment with an attractive Return on Investment," says Nick Lashinsky, who is leading business launch efforts at HVAC Armor. "The innovation stands on the expertise brought from the founding team's backgrounds in Energy Efficiency Projects, Building Mechanical Systems, HVAC, Facilities Management, and Hempel's long-standing reputation in Anti-Corrosion Coatings," says Christopher Boysen, co-founder and technical lead of HVAC Armor.

The suite of HVAC Armor coatings is applied through a highly specialized applicator-partner network of existing and new HVAC coatings applicators throughout the United States and Caribbean. The company is continuing to explore partnerships and engaging in discussions with various applicators and mechanically-oriented energy efficiency service providers throughout the country, who are seeking revenue growth through complementary service offerings.

About HVAC Armor:
HVAC Armor® is committed to developing “state of the art” corrosion protection coatings and solutions that save energy, enhance performance and rejuvenate existing equipment.  HVAC Armor® products and solutions are backed by a strategic partnership with Hempel USA, one of the leading coating manufacturers in the Marine, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy industries – worldwide.

For more information or to view or complete suite of product offerings visit http://www.hvacarmor.com

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