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CADavenue Unveils Sheet Metal Design Software for Version 4.
CADavenue recently announce a new version available for Plate 'n' Sheet, a sheet metal design application which allows Steel Fabricators and HVAC designers to create ducting transformations more easily. Once designed, the results can be exported to CAD or a CNC Plotting Device. 

Plate 'n' Sheet/Version 4 provides many additional features while maintaining the program's simplistic approach to sheet metal design. The new version includes more shapes and project categories to select from. Additionally improved automatic dimensioning and material costing has also been added.

Although AutoCAD is not required, Plate 'n' Sheet is able to export a 3D wire-frame model and 2D views of the model directly from the program. AutoCAD LT is now supported using the the ‘Export to DXF’ method.

The sheet metal software is used to design, calculate and unfold pipe and tubing parts often used for hoppers, nozzles, ventilation hoods, and HVAC pipe work systems.

"Many HVAC designers ask us how to easily create 2D patterns such as a square-to-square, square-to-circle, cones and segmental bends out of sheet steel. Our simple answer for them is to have a look at Plate 'n' Sheet," owner Victor Abella explains.

Plate 'n' Sheet can be used for various industries such as piping, heating ventilation and air conditioning duct work. 

Typically without sheet metal design software like Plate 'n' Sheet you would need to create 3D transformations first, then flatten them out into patterns. Other methods may include creating complex triangulations or drafting projections on paper.

"Learning to use our sheet metal software couldn't be any easier. We've even built in a help messaging system to let you know if a size is not valid or conflicts with another size," explains Victor.

The process contains 4 steps unfolding defined below: 

1) Clicking on a shape that defines the part or transition to be calculated. 
2) Entering the dimensional values that define your ducting shape. 
3) Previewing the 3D model using typical Orthographic views. 
4) Printing directly or exporting to a DXF file (use it with a profile cutter).

Plate 'n' Sheet generates these patterns given the dimensional constraints entered in the dialog boxes provided. Then export or print the project to a flattened template and onto a 2D plane.

About CADavenue.com 
CADAvenue is a provider of affordable mechanical and engineering software for AutoCAD, IntelliCAD and AViCAD. Various software disciplines include Piping, Ducting, Steel Beams and Mechanical tools. Many of CADavenue's products (including Plate 'n' Sheet) offer a 30 day trial before purchasing. 

CADavenue is located in Bend, Oregon and is open for tech support and sales questions between 8-5 M-F PST

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